Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator off of ebay!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by fish254, May 27, 2007.

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  1. Thanks Tim for the response. I actually wasn't sure how to handle this reading it and as I continued down I saw you had already replied.

  2. Thank you sir for your reply, I am in the process of speaking it over with my upper's to get approval to send you some more information. I will be sending you an email once i get all my ducks in a row. I totally understand how the forums work and i am not here to jump in and get out. Right now our company is setup for a more non domestic clients but i am working around the clock to change that.
    If anyone has any questions to our line, feel free to contact us directly. Tim, you should see an email from us shortly.. thank you board:nice:
  3. I ordered one of these last Wednesday and it has not shipped yet.

    When I check their site money was received through PayPal even thought I used a credit card and have no PayPal account.:shrug:

    I have received nothing from them as far as email they seem to let PayPal take care of this only PayPal has no information on shipping or anything other than the money was received. :nono:

    Seeing how they are in Florida and so am I I was sort of expecting it too arrive Friday as things do from Georgia.
  4. I think I read they are back ordered right now!!

  5. I ordered mine on the 27th of May, and still nothing:shrug: Shop still hasnt sent me a tracking number as they promised. Was told it was being drop shiped from factory.:shrug:

  6. Not sure if I will be able to, but you can see me at Bremerton or Pacific Raceway at any time.
  7. most likely why you guys didn't get your rads yet.

    i'm very interested in hearing a few more things for example how much better should this rad cool over a stock rad?

    Is this a stock replacement or an upgrade?

    how well does the company deal with warranty issues?

    As some of you know i work for a harley-davidson dealer here in jersey that deals with many after market proformance companies. I usually send my customers down the path that gets them what they want and ensures that if they have a problem with what i sold them, i can either fix it or have the company replace it quickly and with out a hassle of doing so. Also w/ no cost to the customer as long as it is with the warranty period and not due to customer ignorance( boy could i tell some stories about dumb customers).

    hearing that you guys are having a tuff time getting your rads with out hearing from them, and no response to asking for a tracking number. Does not sit well with me. If you have to work hard to get what you pay for then why should you have to pay for it.

    I would love to hear that this is a great product for an affordable price, and a company that stands by what they sell. I am always looking for the next great bang for the buck.

    sorry for my rant fellas. i just like to research everything deeply before i plunge into spending my money. Especially when it comes to buying parts for my lil monster.
  8. Since this time the stock of radiators we held nationwide went pretty quick. They currently are on a nationwide backorder for roughly 21-28 days. This would be a great time to get a group buy together.

    Communication is the key here, the part was ordered from their site not from this forum, yet I have to find out the part in question is back ordered here?:shrug: I'm thinking the web site should have notified me that the part is on back order, giving me a chance to cancel.
  9. FYI, this GP is approved. A local moderator or member needs to take ownership of the process from here. If no one is willing, I will certainly assist.
  10. So will this beast fit with my Vortech?
  11. So what will the cost be per radiator if I jump in on the group purchase? Oh, and will someone please let us know if these cool better than the stock radiator? I need to know that before buying.
  12. This question is best answered by the sponsoring vendor of the item being purchased.
  13. sweet!

    i'm definately interested and ready to buy!

    Mike, please give us the details!
  14. i'm in on the group buy, details asap!!!
  15. Kteller

    I ordered mine on June 1st got it today. They sent me a tracking number the next day. For $185 you can't go wrong. :D
  16. Hey Mike, whats up with the group buy price for me too? :)
  17. Im also down for the group buy, just need to know the price. :)
  18. Please post up your thoughts, including operating temps before and after. For those that don't know, Yuma gets absolutely stupid hot.
  19. i would really like to know if this is a stock replacement or a upgrade. I think this question has been asked about thirty times, but know one has really given a definitive answer.

    Also how much is this group but going to save us

  20. :bang: +1

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