Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator off of ebay!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by fish254, May 27, 2007.

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  1. ya'll can count me in on the group buy
  2. How much faster will this thing make my car? In HP please.

    :D J/K, but I am definitely interested in more information as well. Then I will consider group buy.
  3. KTeller Inc Update

    Hello Everyone, as originally posted in my thread.. Until my company can officially sponsor this forum (already spoke with Mike (forum owner i believe), we can not come in here and just randomly post prices. I might be wrong, but i believe thats how it was explained to me. As mentioned before, if anyone wants to call in our office, we will be offering a % discount for the forum members.

    At this current time, the 94-95 Manual radiators are currently out of stock and on backorder. Those who did order them and got them, they were the last of what was left. Any orders after that will get the first of the next shipment.

    If you guys have technical questions, i ll do my best to answer them. Feel free to ask them here or better/faster response email them to me ([email protected]) i ll get all the information i can together and then it can be posted up here. This way you have complete information.

    For those who've ordered on the website it will list which items are on backorder.
    94-95 Ford Mustang, Manual
    (nationwide backorder 25 days)

    You can also log into your account and retrieve tracking information as also you should get an email (some accounts do spam/reject our updates)
    At anytime anyone can call our office to check status, stock and/or availability.

    Until the cost of getting approved to sponsor this forum is finalized, we're able to technically offer any sponsorship discounts on the forum. If you have any other questions what so ever, please do not hesitate to call our office.

    Here is an update for everyone as to stock:
    94 manual out of stock:
    97 manual has 2 left as of today:
    05 mustang went out of stock today:
    All Automatic are good to go.

    We have hundreds on their way to us from the factory.. this should be the last time they are out of stock like this.
  4. Ordered mine on the 27th of May and still nothing. Pretty sure the Ebay add didn't say it was out of stock, with a nation wide 25 day back order:notnice: What I read was that this place had the fastest shipping around with a outstanding product:shrug: Anyway's guess I learned another lesson, and will just have to wait it out:nonono:

  5. Tim, what exactly does this mean? In terms of what the company can and cannot say?

    For instance, does this allow them to post a definite price in this thread with regards to the group purchase?


    A lot of the guys here want the technical aspects of this radiator answered. Most importantly, whether or not this is an upgrade (increased cooling ability) or a stock replacement. It would probably be in your interest (for the sake of business) to answer this question before the mob grows weary :)
  6. I'm getting in on this kind of late, but will this be something available, say 6 months to a year from now or is it a limited run for us 94-95ers?
  7. Yes, It is an upgrade!!
  8. Yes. An individual member from StangNet should be coordinating the negotiations for a group (volume) purchase rate with the seller. The seller should not be directly handling individual sales or spurring continuing sales—a GP is a one time event. If the seller wishes to maintain a relationship, he should strongly consider sponsoring the site in order to not infringe upon enforced policy.

    A seller, inside this thread, should only advise the tech behind his/her product, the status of the group’s order, and field logistics related (shipping, tracking, etc) questions only. No direct solicitations are permitted in group purchase threads, let alone any discussion forum on this site.

    Does this answer your questions? :)
  9. We can use a radiator from an automatic right?? all it is, is the tranny lines right??? cooling is the same am i correct?? By the way i called the ebay guy (which has an ad as we speak) and he also said it's on back order and will ship out as soon as it's available, by the way, does it use a standard ford radiator cap???
  10. Very thorough Tim :)
  11. I have never done this before. I wanted to get the ball rolling so I called the business.
    They are giving a 5% discount for 1-9 radiators and 10% discount for 10 or more.

    I'm not sure what the time frame would be for a group purchase? Should a new thread be started about this group purchase since this one is about a rad off Ebay?

    Any help here would be great!

    Thanks, Tom
  12. you can always run an aftermarket cooling device for the automatic, you would probably see better results with a stand alone tranny cooler than one built into the rad

  13. Thank you, that was the impression i got and the focus i was trying to mention in my very thread post. If you have actual technical questions on the product, please email me each question so i can get you an answer or post here. If you post here, please understand i might not see it and could be skipped over, so be patient.

    Last if you purchased something off ebay, you have the right to cancel and join your fellow members in a GB from this forum.
  14. i'd like to take the initiative and start a new thread for the group buy, but i can't seem to figure out the simple details, like who exactly are we buying this from?

    i take it Mike is the contact person of that organization/company?

    so far, we've got the discount down (5% for 1-9 radiators, 10% for 10 or more), but what's the original price that is to be discounted? is this price shipped, or is shipping not included?
  15. Hello, we spoken with Tom Rice. Member:S351Saleen77

    He will be creating the thread and handling all GB details within the thread. All payments and other information will sent directly to KTeller Inc, he will just maintain status information as well as member numbers. Feel free to call us or post in his thread once its stickied.
  16. ok, sweet!

    what about order information, though? do we post that we definately want in on the group buy in the new thread, or do we call you and order directly from you (and just mention the StangNet group buy), then post in the thread once taht's done?
  17. Thread closed. JT has the URL for the GP thread. Good work, gents.
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