Mishimoto Radiator Fan

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  1. I have a mishimoto radiator fan installed in my car. It is wired to my low side because its a single speed fan. After charging a/c I ran it and it overheated. So I figured to not run a/c. I then had headers changed and it ran fine till at an idle then fan wouldnt run and it overheated again. I then sct tuned it and now the fan comes on for a couple seconds and shuts off. Im wondering if there is something I can do to allow me to run the ac or why its not running normal with no ac on. Im really at my wits end and need some advice
  2. Yea, you need a two speed fan for our cars. What was wrong with the stock replacement?
  3. Why the hell does American muscle sell it then lol. The stock one was big and ugly. Im truly fine having no ac just want it to run as it should when ac is not on
  4. The fan needs to run on high briefly when it sits still and low on and off with normal a/c and constantly with compressor costanly running on high. Wmburns helped someone with exact same issue, use the search option and see what you can find. Much easier to buy a stocker.