Miss After Sitting

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  1. So I haven'tdriven my car for probably 6 months. I've dumped gas in it and let it run every month but today is the first time I've driven it since November of last year. Not sure if bad gas or what. Car idled a little high when parked but never had a miss. Think a new filter and some sea foam will fix it?
  2. If it helps at all, my car has been down since August of ladt year. New hhead gaskets on, primed her and good to go. You should be able to just drive her. I'd prime by cranking it over for a few seconds with the gas pedsl to the gloor, the let her rip
  3. I've let it sit before and never had a miss like this. I will start with the usual suspects. Couldn't hurt, especially with the Florida humidity.
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  5. With zero troubleshooting, my guess is plug wires. If they're FMS wires, the chances are even higher. hehe

    Edit: After dark, let your car idle with the hood open. It'll tell on itself if I'm right.
  6. Pull the cap rotor and check for those white crap, next time spray some wd40 inside cap rotor before storage, to keep moisture out. Dont need seafoam, sometime that crap do more harm then good.
  7. That's all you got???****
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  8. Nah. Ran those once and they were garbage. But true story. The points on the dizzy or worse yet a squirrel or rat could have gotten in there. Haven't popped the hood in months.
  9. You got rats?
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  15. I think the best parts store fuel system cleaner is B-12 Chemtool. They keep it in metal cans because the plastic bottles would get soft if the store did not rotate stock. A can of that and new gas wiyh your filter will eliminate the bad fuel possibility. I like Seafoam for noisy lifters. Now if you have had a chupacabra, pig or rat under the hood, who knows what you will find? I forgot the gas preservative a while back and was shocked how bad some gas got and how quickly it turned to a varnish smelling liquid. My car hardly ran until the tank was full of new fuel.
  16. It's a miss under load. I didn't treat the fuel so that's why it's my first suspect. Topped the tank today and added some cleaner/stabilizer. Will have more time tomorrow to get under hood and see if it's spark related.
  17. Chupacabra...I've shot one but haven't grilled it. I heard it was stringy and high in cholesterol but it's back on the list now!!!!
  18. Find the issue. Dizzy hold down was loose.
  19. See, it was the chupacabra! BTW, cryptozoological animals taste better than rats any day.
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