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  1. Gonna paint the block as well,right? :D
  2. Why yellow?
  3. Nice! Make it your own!
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  4. I wanted purple, but yellow stands out. When you pop the hood, now she says "yellow, how are you?"

    Also, when I was younger my parents had a 1973 c10 Chevy that they restored that was almost that exact color. I just think it adds some happiness to her - and at one point in history yellow was considered the color of royalty which is why pencils are yellow.
  5. Another day!
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  6. Great news, I got a phone call today saying that my heads are ready and after my last exam on Thursday, I will be driving home to get them. I might paint them to match the valve covers as well. But hopefully this time next week, I will be able to assemble Miss Molly and have her for the holidays!
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  7. Make use of your level of a disassembly - hopefully it’s a looooong time before you have her tore down like this again :)

    That’s great news,did you have them just cleaned and checked,or rebuilt?
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  8. I'm not knock'n your choice of colors, it's kinda 'in your face'.
    Didn't know that royalty thing.
    Make it work. If you can, nows the time to spruce up the engine compartment, once and done.
    You go girl.

  9. Of the two, one of them was able to be machined and cleaned. The other was beyond repair, so the guy got me a whole new one to match - and he isn't even charging me for te core. I'm going to pick them up tomorrow and as soon as I get them, if I'm able, I'll post pictures.
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  10. Sometimes that's what it takes, because no one takes me serious when I tell them I do my own work lol
  11. I have also been considering saving up for the coyote engine/t-56 tranny swap. It's quite pricey and I'm still kicking the idea around. It's a huge investment but I've seen a few new edges that have done it and they can walk the walk and talk the talk. Just a thought
  12. That would be pretty sweet. Lol. And hoarding parts would give you plenty of time to upgrade the steering/suspension and brakes :)
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  13. I saw the image and began typing the word "yellow" followed by many question marks... o_O

    Do yourself this one favor before you commit to that solid yellow:

    Go to the parts store and pick up a role of 3/4" painter's tape. Pick up 2 or 4 rolls of pinstripe masking. Purchase 2 cans of wrinkle black paint.

    Tape off the base with the 3/4" mask all the way around the valve covers. Use the pin-stripe tape to create a SIMPLE stencil of your own design, into the top of each valve cover. Remember that more is less and too busy or too small looks lame on this scale and level of detail.

    Spray the wrinkle black in several coats, until thick looking but not dripping, over the masking.

    Pull the tape when the surface is dry to the touch.

    Perhaps @Davedacarpainter can fill in the blanks, answer paint questions, or correct any errors I made up there. He's a paint and body guy so he might even have a better idea.
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  14. Would a black splatter over the yellow be too messy-looking?
  15. I don't know much about "splatter" paint or the wrinkle type paints. I'm not a tremendous fan of the look of either.

    I think if you want yellow, keep them yellow. With consideration that you would like to do an engine swap someday you could go fairly wild with your current engine. It'll be a good practice engine for you to see what works for you and what doesn't.

    You had mentioned painting the heads as well. If you intend to do that, be sure to use a high heat paint. The heads will burn regular paint, especially around the exhaust ports.

    I'm not sure what Noobz is suggesting for your valve covers, I think he means some sort of design of your choosing on top of your yellow. Stencil like thing. Just no bowties, that's all I ask.....
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  16. You already laid down the Yellow so the end result will be Black/Yellow.

    If you want Yellow/Black you'd have to do it over:


    Yellow base with black over the top would look like this but with your stencil/design.
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  17. I like it. The 402 in my 1970 Monte Carlo was yellow (not as bright, tho), so I think it can be a sharp look. But it will show dirt/grease immediately & is a pain to keep clean in a daily driver.

    In Japan & Thailand, yes, but in Western European culture, yellow is historically used to distinguish the lower classes & associated with greed, betrayal, weakness, etc. As far back as the 11th century in England, Jews were forced to wear yellow stars as a form of derision (& more recently in Nazi Germany) & in literature & art, Judas is most commonly shown/described wearing yellow clothing. As with any color association, it depends on which culture you're referencing.
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  18. And my girl has a new set of heads! They look fantastic.



    This is the head that was too far damaged to repair. Guy said that the deterioration was too far gone for him to try and repair. In the second valve set, it's hard to tell, but there is a crack between the valves as well.

    BAD HEAD.jpg

    And here is the middle..

    BAD HEAD - CRACK.jpg

    I can't put her back together this weekend because I am on call for the whole weekend, then I am moving on Monday. But if all goes well, by this time next week she'll be terrorizing the town again.
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  19. I think I might make it look like caution tape. It'll say "CAUTION: FAST"

    *Edit: I'm putting crowd control on there lol
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  20. Still waiting to assemble my girl. Alabama decided to have all four seasons in one week (snow, rain, and 80 degree weather) and I have also come down with a sinus infection. Fingers crossed, if it doesn't rain tomorrow then she will be assembled.

    Lately I've been sitting in the driver's seat and I close my eyes and make car noises to pretend like I'm driving. It's nowhere near the same, but a girl can dream right?
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