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  1. Wow, thats one impressive oil filter! I dont think ive ever had one that was that stuck. Ive twisted them in half before trying to get them off, but never had the screwdriver trick fail. Maybe check to make sure they didnt tack weld that filter on :D
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  2. From where I've tried to get it off, it's already torn. My boyfriend is a certified mechanic and he said he's never seen one that was that stuck, at least one that wouldn't come off with the screwdriver.
  3. I’ve had luck with a small chisel at the base/seam of a stuck oil filter
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  4. Good news: I got the oil filter off FINALLY and the oil has been changed.

    I haven't put the belt on yet, but I went to crank it today. I had it connected to some jumper cables because the battery is totally drained. I go to crank it...

    nothing. No clicking. The only noise I hear is inside my car and it sounds like the blinker does, but they aren't on. I'll be looking through my books and online tonight. Just wanted to post an update!

    I'll post pictures of the assembly later tonight.
  5. After rechecking all connections I would try another battery, I have had batteries that would not take a jump(probably internally shorted).
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  6. Starter and/or solenoid could be seized.

    Have you already turned the motor over by hand?
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  7. Update!

    So everything is put back together. Changed out the battery (which was still under warranty, praise the project car deity) and terminals. So we have a car that turns over, but doesn't crank.

    I have no fuel pressure at all. I can hear the pump engage, but where the release stem is, there isn't anything that comes out. I put alcohol in the tank to absorb the water that could have gotten in there, and added new fuel.

    I saw another thread on here somewhere that mentioned a similar problem, so I'll dig into that some more.
  8. It cranks(turns over) but does not start. New fuel filter right? Pump could be making noise but still bad, you need to ascertain if the fuel pump is pumping. Not sure if this is the best way but I would start by pulling off a fuel line at the pump and checking there, you could start at the other end also (fuel pressure regulator)and work your way back.
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  9. I've been neglecting posting the final picture, but here she is!

    Still working on the fuel issue. I have little to no fuel pressure but I believe I will have to replace the pump. I still need to do some more diagnostics before I confirm but that looks like the direction we will be heading!
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  10. I will be replacing that holding tank with a new one soon.. they just cost a cool $100 lol
  11. You can't find a good used reservoir on EBay, Craigslist etc, $100.00 ouch!
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  12. Find a pull part near you. Probably cost 5 bucks.
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  13. The closest one, they haven't had a lot of new edge mustangs in there lately. And the ones that have been in there are basically stripped to the frame. Trust me, that was my first choice lol
  14. OOPS!
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  15. The part is for Mustangs 1997-2004