Missed an great buy now which should I choose?

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  1. I got a call from my nephew telling me of some ponies for sell. The old trash man had collected these mustangs over the years while picking up peoples trash. He had passed away and now his family was selling off the collection. I thought I had bought a 1965 289 convertible in incredible condition for $2,000. I told the son to mark it sold and I'll buy it. Thought I's made a killer buy but he called back later telling me his sister had already sold it earlier. Man did I miss a great buy. There were 6 more mustangs I'm looking at for the best buy. Tell me which you think is the best buy.

    The 65 convertible that sold for $2,000 I missed.


    Here is a 1967 coupe he wants $5,000 for but I'm sure he would go $4,000. New paint new interior except for dash. Factory AC car.

    A 1966 coupe he wants $1,000 missing front grill and light bezel pieces rear lights and bumpers. 289 car


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  2. Either one would be a great car!
  3. Very nice find. I got the bezels and tail lights for the 66 if needed what town are they in?
  4. Dodge City Kansas.

    What would you need for them?
  5. I had called the guy and told him, as a last resort, that IF the deal feel through with the convertible I'd still be interested. I also took a chance and told him I'd be willing to give $4,000 for the convertible just in case he was after more money. I then called the next day to ask about the 66 coupe and first asked him if they had thought about my $4,000 offer and he said they would take $4,000 for the convertible. I told him SOLD!

    I haven't picked up the convertible yet because he works 12 hour shifts but first chance I get I will bring the new project home. I am very excited because I have been after a 65 convertible for many years. My very first car was a 1965 Poppy Red convertible with 289 HiPo 4 speed Rally PAC.

    I am still probably going to also buy the 66 coupe so I'd be interested in those tail lights and any front parts I need.
  6. Congrats on the score for the price, now don't waste any time getting it out of there!
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    Get over there, and get that car and paperwork. Before the other guy offers him more!
  8. Good buy!