Missing Blue And White 76 Coupe

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  1. -{[EDIT]}- Was told tonight that someone saw her at a mechanics shop somewhere in rural GA in the vicinity of Macon! Anybody near that way?-{[EDIT-}]

    My profile picture is the only picture of the car I've still got, but hopefully it's enough to go on. Here's the nitty gritty. I made some bad decisions and went to state for a few years. Got out recently and couldn't get in touch with my brother whom I sold my high school car to. 76 coupe, blue and white with red moroso aluminum valve covers (one off, I powder coated them myself) now come to find out he donated it to the local npr radio station in Asheville and it got auctioned off. So if anyone has any leads, at the very least I'd like to know it's being taken care of. I love this care more than most things in my life and would love to buy her back. If noones seen her then that's that, but she has been sighted in the wnc area within the last year (he donated her in '14). Any help would be appreciated guys and gals. Her name is roxxy nemesis and she loves McGuires caranuba wax the best.
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  2. Good luck! I hope you at least find out what's happening with it!
  3. HOLY CRAP! Apparently my brother had taken a few more pics of my missing baby! Anyone seen her? She's missed something fierce.... FB_IMG_1515816462854.jpg FB_IMG_1515816490173.jpg
  4. I'm in Marietta, probably a bit too far away from there for a decent watch, but I haven't seen anything like it.....
  5. I appreciate it anyways. Just kinda holding out a spark of hope. First car I ever built.
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