Missing Part On 1993 Convertible?

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  1. I just recently purchased a 1993 triple white convetible and the previous owner bought a new top but didn't install it. I just paid someone too but when they finished installing it they told me I was missing a frame part but they could finish the top without it. Well driving without it brings in so much noise and wind because it's a 3 inch gap! It's behind the quarter panel window and missing on both sides. Could someone place a name to this part or give me a picture of yours so I know what I'm searching for?

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  2. It's a metal piece that holds the top to the game and also helps guide the rear windows. You need those.
  3. You can see it in this pic. Best bet is to go to the jy abd see if you can find a vert
  4. Thanks for the picture! Do you know the name of it by chance? I've called around to some local junk yards and none seem to have a fox vert
  5. No I sure don't. I've been scouring the net trying to find one but no luck.
  6. I would say email cjponyparts.com include that pic. They have a yard and sell used parts. You may get lucky. I want to say it's called the rear filler panel but don't quote me on that.
  7. According to the book I have, I think it is called the C pillar?

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  8. Awesome! I have that manual somewhere, been tearing my book case apart trying to find it.
  9. Yeah, I had mine pretty handy out on my workbench with the rest of my reference material.
    One of the benefits of being and engineer and OCD. :)
    Everything has a place.
  10. I haven't had a vert in 6 years everything was "archived"
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  11. Thanks you guys are awesome. I'll do some research and see what i can find!
  12. Is that attached to the top or the window piece? I might have them some where.
  13. Attaches to the top frame. About 13" long abd 3" wide.
  14. Some good news. The previous owner ended up finding them! I've tried to install them the and no matter how tight I screw them air still goes behind it. Do you know if yours has something behind it to fill in the gap?
  15. They actually help secure pieces of the top. They should also have some type of foam on the back between the two studs.