Missing Washer Resivior

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  1. Ok, so my 92 didn't have a washer resivior when I got it.

    I'm picking up one Friday.

    I've looked into the fender and see a hose. What else do I need to locate? Any special clips or bolts? Where is the actual pump? I've never messed With the stuff under the fender.
  2. Theres a pump with the reservoir look in the fender area for a two prong plug shaped like a trapezoid i think the wires are two black wires
  3. You'll have to pull the wheel and fender liner to install it...assumed oyu knew that
  4. Yup. Splash shield will get removed. The pump is located in the resivior?
  5. Yes but you can get them i have an entire assembly if you want me to sjip it to you
  6. At least i think i do
  7. Check on that if you can.
  8. Yeah will do
  9. Okay, just picked up my reservoir. It came with the pump. So as long as my Plug is intact, I should be good to go.
  10. Heard a story one time where a guy use that pump system to pump a drink mix into the cabin :rlaugh:
  11. Yeah its a black two pronged plug
  12. Got it installed yesterday. Plug was intact, it had been pulled into the engine bay via the hole that the resivior goes through. All it took was one bolt from my parts pile. Very easy with no issues to install.

    I took my time and cleaned just about everything in the wheel well and painted the caliper while I was at it.

    Thanks for the help guys.