Mixed Feelings??

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by GREENBIOCH, May 10, 2006.

  1. Well got the OR X Pipe and Magnapack System on yesterday, and holy shnikey its loud!! And I emphasize LOUD!!!

    I went to pick up my daughter today from school, shes 5, I was worried she would hate it but she seemed pretty good about it, and I warned her, so she knew. Anyways, My big concern is noise complaints or tickets from mr policeman. Has anyone with this kinda setup had any trouble. See i love it/ i can have fun with it but as a DD car, i'm not so sure about it?? anyone have thoughts on this subject??
  2. get some high flow cats welded in. it will quite it down a bit, but still sound good.
  3. Thats a good idea, but I'm gonna lose some HP right??:(

    who makes a good high flow cat, although I'm gonna have to save up for them now, so i guess i'm gonna have to deal till then.

    Thanks for the idea :nice:
  4. You could also swith to the reg. magnaflow mufflers to quiet down a bit. I have mixed feelings about aftermarket cats, my rightside cat blew, now the x-pipe is sitting in the garage. I know there's someone on here with o/r mid + reg magnaflows, maybe they'll chime in. The reg ones are almost the same as stock, just a bit deeper tone, and still straight through. once i cut out the cats i'll mention how this combo sounds.
  5. Cant speak from any personal experiance on magnaflow, but if they are too loud for you now, it is going to get worse in a few months I would suspect. I am running an offroad H with Flowmaster Delta 40's welded in, and at first it was perfect, loud, but not too loud. Well here I am six months later and my car is Way too loud, I am strongly considering getting some cats welded under there myself...
  6. yea i have the packs with an offroad H and it is just insanely loud under throttle.... just keep it under 2000rpms around town and limit showing off and punching it because EVERYONE stares at you (lol including cops).

    GREENBIOCH, does your car make this EXTREMELY loud machine gun shot sound from like 2500-3200rpms? :D
    thats the only thing that i feel kinda unsure about because its just soo loud you can seriously hear it from like 1/2 mile away. haha gotta love the looks you get tho!
  7. Yes it makes that machine gun sound...i also noticed i can hear the valve noises a bit better too from the front of the car. clicking noises. only at certain rpms though. I also have to straighten out one of the connections between the X pipe and the pipes to the mufflers cause its crooked and i bottomed out over a speed bump but thats minor.

    I left from a light today and the car behind me caught up to me a block or so down the road and drove by, the lady in the passenger seat was looking at me and talking as if she was mad at me, but both of our windows were rolled up, i thought it was hilarious cause i think i scared her when i left the light, i didn't nut it or anything but the way she was acting was priceless.