MM starter suspension kit???

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  1. is this the best?? how much will it lower my gt? is it really worth the money?? all in all, with every odd and end, i'm thinking it will cost about $1,400. i don't know that i can bring myself to spend that much on suspension, but i want to do it right. do you think that with these shocks, i would notice a diff. from tokico 5 ways (which are adjustable) or HP's?


    p.s. this is my daily driver (not winters), i drag a bit and i haven't done autocrossing, but may do it a few times when i get suspension.

    will this set-up sill be more harsh than stock (with 110,000 mi. on it)
  2. Hah....1400 is not that much for suspension considering how much our cars really need. I've got over 2k in the suspension and its still not enough for me. Still want to do coil overs, tq arm and panhard bar, tubular a-arms, different springs, adjustable tie rod ends, and a tubular k member. Anyways, back to your question....that stuff will really help. I mean you will feel the difference right away. Tighter ride and better steering response on the street. You would notice more if you went autocrossing. As far as adjustable shocks/ struts go if you like to tinker there nice. If your the type of person that desnt have to get every ounce of handling out of their car then I wouldent worry about it. But with the tokico's I can get the car to ride stiff like a race car (with minimal body roll) or as soft as a lincoln, also you can tune the car for more or less understeer with the adjustables. If any of this stuff causes the light bulb in your head to turn on, then consider looking into adjustables. If it doesnt then the bielsteins should be fine.
  3. oops, sorry I meant to say "more or less oversteer"....Our cars understeering....haha, that'll be the day :p
  4. do you think i would notice a difference b/t tokico HP's and the bilstein's? You're right that there is alot more to do after this stuff, but if i don't do any autocrossing, then it might be kind of pointless to spend so much money in this area. i'm still not sure about the adjustables though. if i had them, i would probably mess around with them, but i really don't need them. would i notice any increase in quarter times if i messed with the adjustables? i have heard that by adjusting the front and the back shocks/struts, i will help with hooking up.

  5. Mm

    I LOVE my set up, i've autocrossed a bit, but day to day is a blast, not to stiff for me, just feels like i'm in a race car and way fun on the curves/onramps
  6. does anyone know if 1996 cobra a-arms will fit a 1995 gt?
  7. ttt
    I would also like info on this kit.. I have looked at it many times. I would get the track package myself..

    anyone else have info??? or better setup that would be cheaper.

  8. whats the track package??
  9. sorry meant the street/strip package
  10. OK man here's a usefull and realistic setup

    FMS C-springs $149
    X2C upper and lower control arms $129
    Autozone replacement struts and shocks maybe like $150 max
    MM C/C plates $200 already have.

    Here's why....

    The springs are gonna give you the looks and all the handling you're gonna need. You'll never use adjustable shocks and struts to anywhere near there real potential. In a 14 or 13 second car you'll never notice a difference with all that extra crap. You're not doing anything half ass with the list I quoted and not taking the easy way out.

    Don't focus on hooking with suspension on a car with regular radials. Dragradials would make a world of a difference for any kind of hooking. More than you'll ever notice in performance with suspension.

    Remember there is very little compromise between a car that hooks and a car that turns.

    Look past all the bull**** people tell you. It's street car and that's what it's made for. This stuff will all perform just as well at your power level and then some. Just look at matt's car. Subframes, control arms and frag radials and 1.66 60ft. Add springs and rims and tires like you'rs and it would handle decent too.

    Just my 2cents :flag:
  11. nick,
    i know that i probably don't need all of that, but i just don't want to regret not going expensive later on. keep in mind that my car won't always be this close to stock, but the more i spend on susp. the longer it will be.

    plus, i'm going to have to try to keep up with a** on the curves after winter.

    p.s. i have looked around and still can't find out if those a-arms will work.

    -flo-pro, justin, rio 95, stud, whatever you want to call me.
  12. Yes but like I said....That stuff will get you in the 11's for hooking and will handle as good as it can without just ****ing up your hook