MM Strut Tower Brace & Plastic Coil Cover

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  1. I recently installed a MM strut tower brace on my car. Now in order for the plastic coil cover to be put back on the car it will have to be modified. Does anyone have any pic of their engines as to how they modified the cover?
  2. I've researched on this when I was considering putting a brace into my 1990 LX.
    From what I've seen in pictures, most guys just get rid of the plastic coil cover all together, or they cut away the portion of the cover that's getting in the way.
    Unless you can take a mold and re-fabricate your own cover that would be suitable, that's pretty much your two options.
  3. I saw this on ebay, but I'd like to see a pic with the cover off the car to get a feel for what he exactly trimmed away. It looks pretty good.

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  4. I looked at the photo. The top of the coil cover is square so he cut it at an angle maybe an inch and a half in from the corner that was in the way, and then continued cutting down from the new corner down into the engine. Simple, get a piece of cardboard and trace the top of your coil cover on the cardboard. Cut the cardboard peice out and start making a template using the cardboard to size up how much plastic you need to cut off at the strut tower. Once you find the perfect fit, get a white fabric pencil and lineup the cardboard template to your plastic coil cover, mark off the cutting points and start cutting. Real simple and you can't f#$k it up doing it this way.
  5. How do U add oil ???

  6. I've been wanting to get one of those; it is a quality piece? How was the instalation? Is it in the way of the oil filler? Does it get in the way of anything else? Thx.
  7. That's a good question. I have been wanting to get the MM Chassis Brace kit for some time now. Is it in the way of the oil fill?


  8. I think it is just the angle that the pic was taken. You don't think MM would make and sell you a STB that actually blocks the oil fill, do you?


    Another pic from the other angle would clear it up though... for anyone with doubts.

  9. What's a coil cover??? :D
  10. I actually bought the chassis brace kit (strut tower brace, k member brace, and standard length subframes). It was well worth the money. The quality will not disappoint you at all. The installation was pretty easy for the k member brace and stb. I had the subframes done by a shop. The hardest part about the stb was getting the vacuum hoses and wiring out of the way to install the bolt in the pinch weld on the drivers side. Other than that it just took patience. Here is what my car looks like now. Nothing is in the way of the oil filter.

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  11. You open the cap and pour it in.
  12. The plastic coil cover doesn't need to be modified but it can be a tad tricky to re-install it. I would recommend getting a heavy duty pair of snips and cutting the cover into four equal parts. Then, after strategically placing the cover in the appropriate place, apply a generous amount of Elmers glue over all of the joints. Wait for the glue to dry, scrape the excess glue off, then re-apply. You may need to do this several times before the coil cover will actually stay in tact. Hope this helps.
  13. How do you like the chassis brace kit? Did it really tighten everything up? I was looking at the MM chassis kit too, just don't have the money yet. Full length or standard connectors?


  14. Well thanks for the input. I have vert, and no sfc yet. I had been looking around and decided to go with MM sfc, stb, and kb. I was thinking about getting the kit you bought, but I don't think I can wait to save money, so I was going to buy the sfc soon. I just can't find anyone locally that sells them. So I think I'll order them from MM, it's just 25 for shipping. So you have to drill holes on the firewall, but do you have to on the strut towers?
  15. I just bought the full length subframe connectors that are powder coated and they look awesome. I'm also looking into the strut tower brace since my car is also a convertible. Do MM stb clear edelbrock performer intake?

  16. I love it! It makes everyday driving a little more rough, but it really tightened the car up. I got the powder coated standard connectors.
  17. I ordered directly from MM. I don't think you can find anyone that sells it much cheaper. You don't drill any holes in the firewall. They are already existing. You have to drill holes on the strut towers, three on each side of the car.
  18. Probably, but call them to make sure.

    Business hours are 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri, PT

    805-544-8748 (tech calls)
    800-839-0928 (orders only)
    805-544-8645 (fax)
  19. Does that strut tower brace get in the way of caster/camber plates at all?

  20. Nope