MMR MOD 900 short block arrived today

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  1. Here are the final build specs
    piston to wall clearence.0035
    top ring gap .025
    second ring gap.022
    piston weight 461
    rod weight 605
    rotary 442 ?
    ARP main studs and rod bolts
    Manley 18cc notched pistons and h beam rods
    forged cobra crank.

    I might go out and touch it some more.

    image0285aw.jpg image025g6zr.jpg image029ab7vs.jpg image0265bx.jpg

    All I have is a camera phone right now.

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  2. :drool: :hail2:

    Lookin good man!
  3. MMR FTW! :nice:
  4. You lucky SOB!! :hail2:
  5. :drool: FORGED RULES!!! FTW!
  6. Thanks guys I can't stand myself right now.
  7. if you dont mind me asking, but how much did that set you in the hole? i want a forged shortblock soon after my novi 2000, so im doing some research.
  8. The base mod 900 is 2799. The notched pistons are 250 and arp's were 179 and I also got their high flow oil pump with cryo treated gears for 179 with the short block. So as litlle as 2799 for a 900 hp rated short block. I been working with Mark for a while and I saved alot of money. Almost 450 dollars. Mine came to 3346 after shipping. The shipping from Cali to here was 368.
  9. VT ENGINES FTW!!!!!!!!1111111111


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  10. ^^^tomustang ftw :shrug:

    hey, I got nothing against VT at all. I've heard just as many good things about them as I have MMR and MPH ;)

    not any chance thats yours is there?
  11. sssshhhhhhhh :cool:
  12. teksid ftw!

    nice piece of metal jive :D
  13. VERY nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked into MMRs site a little a while back, and they REALLY look like they know what they are doing :nice: . Very few companys engines I would put in my car...and MMR IS one of them, along with MPH and VT. :nice: .

    How much boost you going to send through that bad boy? :D
  14. The only thing I have is a little V1. What size pulley should I use. I thought about a 3.12 " Pulley.