Moates QuarterHorse Computer chip

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  1. I do, in fact hes local to me. Its actually not a chip. It is an emulator. It allows you to tune your own vehicle using one of a couple of different programs (Binary Editor-EEC Analyzer combo, EEC Editor, or coming soon, Tunerpro RT) which vary in price from free (TP) to 300$ish.

    Once installed into the J3 port (as a chip), you run a cable from it out to your computer. You have to disassemble the case and tweak a couple capacitors, and one transistor to install it. Install your program of choice, load up a base A9L tune (factory, unmolested), and start tuning yourself. USE CAUTION. There are people around who use his hardware to tune cars and can do it for you.

    The beauty of the QH is that it is an emulator. When plugged into the computer, connected, and running, you can make changes that are LIVE. When you hit enter, they take affect. If its not idleing right, change something and if it works, it works right then. No need to shut down, load up a whole new tune, only to find out that what you did didnt work. When you have it nailed down, unplug the computer and the QH acts like any other plug in chip with the tune that youve written on it. Later, when youve changed something on your car, plug in your laptop, retune starting with what was working (or a whole new tune), tweak it and your good to go.

    The QH is especially useful when, if your like me, you tinker and tweak and change up combo's alot. No more trips to a tuner, retune and reburn.

    I highly recommend Moates products. And the QH is one of the coolest things hes come out with lately.
  2. Got one and love it, but beware the learning curve.

    If you aren't willing to learn about how your EEC really works, I wouldn't buy it.
  3. +1. Or you pay someone to tune it for you.