Moates QuarterHorse tuner

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  1. I just installed my Moates QH tuner.

    Is anyone else running the same tuner? Im new into tuning, any advice would help a lot. I've been doing a LOT of reading and have a good idea of what im doing.

    The problem at this point is thatI can't get the stock tune downloaded onto BinaryEditor.
    I found a list of stock tunes here at the moates website

    But I don't know which tune to download. and once it's downloaded... How do i get it over to BinaryEditor?
    Im also running EEC analyzer. Although at the moment, Im focused on BE.

    Can anyone help me get this tune onto the software? That is the only step I need at this point to get started.
    If there is anymore info you guys need, let me know.

  2. is the car manual or auto? you need to select the definition file first. its in the bottom left corner of BE. 94-95 uses cbaza strategy. when you download a binary save it to a folder or your desktop. after that you will be able to open it from BE.
  3. I have gotten that far.
    My problem at this point is that it's not letting me upload the stock tune onto BE.
    At the moment I have the trial version, just so I can get the hang of how it works. Do I need to register it before I can upload the stock file?
    I believe on Tweecer, you can upload but not change anything without registering.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. when you say upload the stock tune to BE are you trying to read the stock tune from the eec or you mean you have it in a folder saved on your computer and cant open it with BE? i remember reading that the QH cant read from the eec, only write.
  5. Nevermind!! I meant get the the tune from BE to EEC.
    I Emailed Chint, he told me the software HAS TO BE REGISTERED to get the tune onto EEC.
    For the moment, All my problems are solved. At the moment Im just getting used to the software.

    and yes, you are correct, QH can only write.
    thanks for the help!
  6. clint will get you fixed up.I have also purchased the quarterhorse and have been learning to tune my 95 sc 5.0 5-speed.what you do is go under his site and download your correct definition and binary.that depends on your computer code from your car(kicker panel)after you get that # go to downloads and you will see your code under def.cabaza(thats what i have.after that download and save that file where you can find open BE. and load your def.cabaza(thats mine) and binary (t4m0)now hit write tune to hardware.presto you have your fact tune installed in your QH. make shure your quarterhorse is in mode 2 if you dont have a selector switch.need any other help e-mail me [email protected] you red getting started in the file section.also go through the file section and the help button on BE and EA will teach you lots.takes notes its a real challenge.good luck i really enjoy my QH since i got EA and BE.CLINT WITH EEC.ANALYZER is a really good guy.
  7. Thanks for the info.
    I have been playing Email tag with Clint for a while though.

    As of right now, I have the tuner in and running smooth.

    I'll definitely light up this thread if I have future questions.