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Vote for the one you like best

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  1. AHH forgot to make it a poll, just vote in the post, thanks!

    Here are the rules once again, if you post a comment that shows who you were in favor for, please vote in the poll aswell so the count does not get mixed up.

    ok, go over these rules, and see if you agree, and add if you'd like:

    1) same picture is chopped by both people

    2) MS Paint OR Photoshop may be used.

    3) a maximum of only 10 foreign objects will be allowed to be pasted in the chop, however there is no set minimum

    4) not real time limit, but it'd be nice to finish by tonight or tomorrow (whenever we start it)

    5) when your done (or whoever is done first) must post in the thread (probably make an official thread for it) that your are finished and not post the pic. then, once the other contender is finished, he will do the same, at that point, there is a 5 minute window for both participants to post their pic (this is so either opponent does not steal/see the other opponent's finished piece to get any ideas or anything)

    6) accept for rules 1-5, THERE ARE NO RULES!

    Theme is Humor

    Here is the picture.



    ...and the entries are!:


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    The poll will close in 24 hours!

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  2. good choice on pic! good luck man...
  3. Let the games begin.........
  4. Just one thing... Lambo doors do not go on 4 eyes. :p
  5. oh man this will be great. next car for a contest can be our 86 :p:
  6. oh snaps... mob duh its gonna be better with you using Photoshop... noob.

    but I am gonna go ahead and vote for carbed anyway, cuz he's my homeskillet:D
  7. hey man, its ok, this'll put our club on the map! i do respect mob's abilities though...

    ok, back to work
  8. Both images should be PM'd to me instead of posted... I'll post the images with a poll and you'll have to bet on ONLY the image without knowing who did what.

    Cheating by showing your buddies your image before hand would be bad baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad juju. :nono:

  9. lol, lambo doors should be the LEAST of your worries;)

  10. good idea.... we'll do that instead so you can post them at exactly the same too...:nice:
  11. :lol:
  12. This should be interesting.
  13. ima stick with my home boy nick.. because hes in the south.. and hes my age.. LESS GET IT ONNNNNNN
  14. You won't know who created which image. You'll be voting on the ONLY the image itself. :D
  15. I can only tell the great pics done by a MS PaintShop Badass like muhself...
  16. Sumission dealine will be tomorrow evening at say...

    4:pM by the StangNet system clock. So make sure you PM to me by then (remember that PMs are tagged by time and date).
  17. Just look for the better effects and that will be Nicki.
  18. Try to vote more for the "idea" rather then quality, of course mine is going to look better, but if you like his idea more vote for it. I think daggar had a great idea to not know who posted whitch it may be quite obvious, but were trying to minimize picking favorites. Back to work :) and Im with carbed daggar, lambo doors are the least of your worries.
  19. I don't know either of you more than MOB and CARBED87, so I will be voting for the one that makes me laugh more.
  20. ewwwww. why would you use that ugly POS for the image:shrug: