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Vote for the one you like best

  1. A

  2. B

  3. C

  1. thank you frankenstang... as long as you new what i was talken about im happy!!! next week if i type the same thing i will prolly still mis-spell the same word and i hope you will be there! good looken out!
  2. uhhh huh huh huh you said it first, bunghole.:D
  3. LOL

    I do that to alot of people. Just ask 68torinogt. LOL

    <---Stangnet Official Spellcheckermabobber :shrug:
  4. oh... well iwas really thanking you... i dont think iever new how to spell sindrome any ways so now i kno.. syndrome

  5. fixxored :D
  6. *gasp*

    have you been hiding in my closet again. View attachment 431562
  7. :rlaugh: :nice:
  8. Yours was the most professional looking though.
  9. I voted for C. It looks like some of the cars in the local junkyard.
  10. [​IMG]

    I will continue to add more to it, now that there isn't a 10 image limit.

    It will come out better I hope. :nice:
  11. hey if we start another one, can we do it before monday. im going out of town for work and will be gone all week...
  12. I threw a little more at it, I will murder the thing before it is over...



  13. I think I like the cowl and front end.... Hmmmmmm. :scratch:
  14. I updated the image, now it looks like this...


  15. I like the side exhaust too. hehe

  16. Thanks man, I might have had a better run at the contest had I entered that one.

    I am still working on it, it takes a lot of time to find stuff, and fab it up... :(
  17. ...And the winner is....

    *Drum Roll*



    *applause* :lol:

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