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  1. Is there going to be a mobile version??

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  2. There is. Two of them, actually.
  3. Really? Is it possible my android is not picking it up :(
  4. Mobile Stangnet sucks, cant make new threads, see Sigs or Avatars, or any good stuff. I guess most people probably like that since they have Cell Phone internet. But ive got an iPhone and i cant turn off boring blue mode....

  5. i can make new threads and if i copy past urls i can see pics,but that is a huge pain in the butt.
  6. I agree with tanner. It won't let me view as a normal site. Also, it puts some things in Spanish.
  7. Oh lord don't ban me LOL stirring up the nest LOL

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  8. Look in the browser settings and there should be something for "Browser Identification" where it gives you a choice. My storm has the options of blackberry, I.E. or Firefox. The ie and firefox options give you a web page that looks like your desktop, but it is so slow loading it isn't worth it.

    Then again maybe not. Google is involved so you may be stuck with their browser.
  9. My ie goes straight to stangnet mobile. skyfire opens it like it would on my PC, but yeah. It's painfully slow.
  10. Has this thread gone to the graveyard where no one looks? I can't find any setting on my iphone to force it to show the forum in regular fashion.
  11. Hey, what happened to the mobile version of this site... Letters got big and gawky like it's for a retard. I'm viewing with BlackBerry Bold.