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  1. love the backyard palm trees and no snow
  2. haha very true, we live on a 5 acre piece of land, its nice and quiet.
  3. Well I wish I could say the hotside is done but I cant. I got everything welded up and come to find out the header doesn't line up. It is off by less than a mm on the passenger side, I can get the bolts for the two front primaries in but the two rear ones I can get in. I've tried everything and come to the conclusion it just wont work. I decided I am going to ditch the connector in the middle and just go with a flex pipe instead. I ordered the flex pipe just now so it should be a quick swap once I get it in, only problem is I am not going to be able to separate the two banks so its gonna be a pain to put in and take out, but oh well. I got my O2 bungs welded in and also ordered an alternator bracket because that's the only thing holding me back from routing the downpipe because I need to know how much clearance I have. So in a couple days I should be moving again.





    Heres my wastegate flange
  4. Damn Mob lookin real good!!
  5. You can always enlarge the header bolt holes some if need be.
  6. thanks guys.

    Thats a good idea. I dont know why I didnt think about that, I may just have to try that.
  7. I was able too open the header holes just a little bit and I was able to barley get it on, I am going to keep the flex pipe I got though until its all done just in case I have problems down the road.

    Got the down-pipe tacked and mounted up yesterday. Had a couple issues come up financially so I am going to have to hold back on the project for a little while. Hopefully in a month or two I can get back on it. I will just have to finish up with what I have now and then wait.







  8. I know this is a budget build but damn dude, you are really skimpin with that belt set up! lol j/k looks good, cant wait to see the numbers on this thing.
  9. I guess you'll be running a pusher type fan setup? Have you checked to be sure you'll have enough room for a fan adequate enough to cool the car with the intercooler up front? Looking good though!!!
  10. I was thinking the same thing...
  11. Im gonna run a small e-fan. The radiator is going to go back jsut a tad bit more, its not its real home right now. I will make something work, I have thought about it though. Does the fan need to cool the intercooler too?
  12. not necessarily. depending on where you mount the cooler a puller type fan I think will pull a little bit of air from the cooler but is mostly there to maintain the radiator and a/c condensor. I think they are asking where it will be mounted as most intercoolers are mounted to the front/lower part of the radiator limiting the space on where to mount a push type fan. I agree, in the pic the pipe seems really close to the radiator with little wiggle room. but pics dont always show everything especially if the radiator isnt mounted where it needs to be.
  13. After a little more contemplating I am planning on running a small fan up front, and a bigger pusher fan in the back, I am going to see how much clearance I have, but it should be enough. Worst case I need to redo my downpipe, it took me like an hour to make so no biggy.
  14. any update?
  15. I have been running/racing carbs for years and haven't ran into that yet. I think your buddies carb has issues or maybe it is your buddy? As far a consistency goes, man there are 1000's of drag racers that would disagree with that statement.

    The EFI / CARB debate is like debating Christianity, people believe what they believe and in the end neither side can prove what they believe only stand by it because they do.


    The car is coming along nice, I am looking forward to more updates, I think your goals and budget are very realistic and you will be very pleased when you exceed them.
  16. Not really, I had just recently took apart the turbo and had it sandblasted and I still need to order a rebuild kit for it, it needs new bearings for sure. But I am not quite sure what I am going to do, I ordered a set of long tube headers I got on corral for a good price, so I am working right now on just getting the car running.
  17. long tubes for your turbo? going back N/A for now?
  18. Yea going back to NA for now
  19. You go back an forth on your build so much! Stick with a plan!