1. I have a question for the experienced guys that have gone through this a couple of times. I am gonna resto-mod my 68 FB. I am curious as to how far does one go with a mock up before paint. Fitment of tires, body panels, suspension, maybe wires harness, fuel lines, etc. I would love to be able to go all the way with it before paint so drilling on the new painted surface is at a minimum. Also, I wanna be able to delete any un-used holes in the engine bay. What do you guys think ?

    Also, how far does one go with the planning before the first wrench is turned. I have an idea in my head how far I am gonna take the planning process, but would love get some opinions ?

  2. If it was up to me i would put everything on and get it where you want it and the gaps just right etc. now is defiantly the time to do all of your mock up to see if you like it or want to adjust it.
  3. you want the car to be as close to being able to get in the car and drive it down teh road before you blow it back apart for paint, powder coat, and chrome. you dont have to bleed the brakes, or put coolant in the engine, or any of that stuff. but the car should be as complete as possible.
  4. Awesome. That was the plan, thanks for the reply !
  5. +1