Mod 97 or wait for 05

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Get an 05 or mod 97 GT

  1. Get 05

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  2. Mod 97

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  1. Hey guys, Ive been going back and forth the last few months over this. I love the look of the concepts for 05 but I would have to wait to see a production one in person. I like the idea of having a whole new car as well, along with new chassis, more powerful engine, better interior, etc. I like my current car (97 248A) but it would take alot of money to do everything I want to do to it. I graduate college in december and these things come out next sept, so I would have time to save up a sizeable down payment. What would you do?
  2. Answer me 3 things.
    1) Do you have a student loan of any sort?
    2) Do you have a definate long term job tied down?
    3) How old are you?

    If you are under 25 and you don't have a long term job tied down or have a substantial amount of student loans to pay back be smart and just mod your 97 the payments and the insurance will killyou. If not go for the gusto and get a nice new shiny Mustang. :nice:
  3. I do have some student loans but not huge amounts. The down payment I was talking about was after all of my things are paid for. I plan on living at home for around a year so I can pay these types of things off. I have a permanent job if I want it. It isn't in my field of study, but if I cannot find a good job, I am guarenteed a job there with a very good salary. I would be 22 by the time this thing hits the streets, but I would probably wait at least six months after introduction to let any problems get worked out. By that time it would probably be sometime around March-April 05.
  4. I voted for Mod the 97. You will be able to make a fun car with less money than a new 05 would with the same amount of money. And when you get tired of that and after the new ones have been out for a while sell it and get a 2006.
  5. I just realized by the time this thing comes out, my car will be almost 9 years old. It is my daily driver so I might want to get something newer by then. :shrug:
  6. I've been asking myself the same question and I'm going to hold off any major mods on my current ride. I may add an exhaust and wheels, but H/C/I and stuff won't be in the cards unless I win the lottery.

    I really don't want want to sink much mod money in my car right now, although I intend to keep it even if I buy a 2005.
  7. Go new then bro! Although be aware that the new engines probably won't be in until late 2005 so I'd bet you'd be getting an 06 version.
  8. I voted 05 simply because I'm in a similar situation. My 96 GT has received its last mod while I own it. Any money I have (that doesn't get spent on the fastback) goes to an 06 GT fund. :nice:
  9. I agree with waiting. Put some cheap mods on if you must. But you can save your money and earn some interest and be able to buy an '06, give a large downpayment, and have a smaller monthly bill.
  10. I think getting on 05 would be a better idea, because it's based off a much better chassis, and looks nicer. And, from what i've seen in pics, the interior looks to be much higher in terms of quality.
  11. I have a 97 and ive modded it to hell and i dont regret a penny of it!

  12. Yeah, after seeing some of the latest spy photos, I'm getting mixed opinions. I'll have to see what it looks like when it comes out. Even then I might push back the purchase a couple years just so that I can have some fun with my car now. :banana:
  13. Keep modding until new Cobra comes out

    I won't buy the 2005 Mustang this year. Power is too important. I'm already getting 300hp out of my car right now. Sure, the new '05 body is awesome, interior, smoothness, and blahblahblah. I will wait until the new Cobra comes out with 500hp, probably 2006. In the meantime, there's a supercharger and intercooler going into my car.

    $4K, and I have 400rwhp, right now. 2 years from now, buy the new Cobra and get more than 500hp out of it, once you give ford about 1-2 years to work the bugs out of the new platform. :banana:
  14. I thought about the same question forabout 3 minutes. Before realizing I like the 05 too much to spend any more money on my 97 cobra. I think with the improvements you'll get with the 05. The difference is just too great. That and if you plan on selling the 97. It's going to be worth even less. I think the chassis has been in developement long enough (lots of delays). That first year shouldn't be much ifany of a problem. But the real dealer maker for me. Is how great it will look sitting next to my 66 fastback.
  15. To Mod or not to Mod, that is the question

    If you have a 66 fastback, then yes, of course, getting the new one is almost a must.

    I guess it's all about money. They say money is not the most important thing: It's the ONLY thing.

    In my head $4,000 for a supercharger that I can pay relatively quickly still looks better than $25,000 for a new one, and veeeeeeeery looooooooooong payyyments. The smell of new and the pride of having the newest can last for a while, but I bet it will be over before your payments.

  16. ... Exactly what SVTdriver said!... I'm with him and I don't own a 66 Fastback. but then again, I HAVE the money to buy a new one. For you?... I'd stick with your old one (be patient) Doesn't sound like your in a position to buy a new car yet... but you will be soon enough.

    Nothing feels better than having all your bills paid off so 100% of your disposable income goes to buying a new car. Not too many people do it this way but it works for me.

    ...or you can do what most people do and put life on credit and make payments. It's the American way. :flag:
  17. I have been thinking the same things as well. I am along the lines of buying an 04 mach or cobra instead of an 05. I really do like the 05 but the performance that we have learned thus far doesn't really impress me. I know its a better "overall" car but I don't know if I am going to willing to pay 27-28K for a car that will probably still run high 13's. I think the car will be nice, but the way some people are talking, I think they may be setting themselves up for disappointment. There hasn't be hype about a Mustang this crazy in a very long time (except for the 03 Cobra ):D. That hype is going to be hard to live up to.