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  1. Looks like you'll need a little carb spacer to get the linkage to clear the rails.. Good choice on parts, next time hit me up Ill save you some $$$.

    You noticed any variance in the E85 in your area from batch to batch?

    Troy, like he stated better to sell and buy new
  2. Yes I ended up with a Wilson spacer

    I have noticed a slight change, but normally 83ish

    Thxs Rick!
  3. looking good they on yet ?
  4. svmockup.jpg

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  5. I think you forgot to put the valves in.

  6. LOL, that was the mock up to check port alignment. I did assemble the heads last night. Now to make sure rockers/pushrods are gtg.

    Getting there
  7. Flowed mine and another NIB tfs205 from summit last night also, TEA claims they do a few tricks the summit ones dont get (but wouldn't tell me what). The flow #'s on the intake side were even, but mine shine 10-11cfm more throughout the range on the exh.
    Also noticed the oil passage ways are smoothed out on mine and not the ones orderd from summit.
    TEA's flow sheet was 316/240 @ .600 but with a 2" header, I flowed all 3 heads last night with a 1 3/4 since thats the size I run.
    I saw 311/234 @ .600 on my new heads last night on the flow bench at my machine shop, yes I know every flow bench is diff, weather etc which can effect flow #'s.
    I also flowed my old ported 170s just to compair they were 286/213 @ .600 so def a nice jump.

    I didn't really care about the #'s, just the comparison between the 3 heads. I did them one after another so the conditions were all the same.
    Kinda cool!
  8. So which actual heads did you buy? And you ordered them straight from Tf?
  9. I have the wedge 205, but ordered direct from TEA.
    TEA is now owned by summit (summit also owns trick flow), and all the cnc work on all the cnc ported TFS heads now are done by TEA.

    I was unaware there were differences, untill I called TEA by luck. Summit was over a month out on expected ship date so I called TEA hoping to get lucky. They quoted me 7-10 days, and even though that timeline was not true, I feel I got a better head.
    They were also cheaper than Summit, and gave me a 10% military discount!

    Big props to TEA!
  10. Hence the TEA logo etchd in the head, the summit bought ones did not have this either

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  11. very nice numbers and info
  12. Got a bunch of stuff powdercoated also, should have pics of it this weekend
  13. Powdercoated pieces


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  14. Super Victor had about a 1/8" or so on the roof of the intake that needed to be port matched to the cyl head. The bottom lined up very nicely. The 1262R fits the TW205 like a glove.
    Me getting it done


    For those that are curious, this is the diff to make a wedge 205 mate up evenly to a SV lower


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  15. No more alum poslishing on those parts...FINALLY!

  16. Thxs man! Should be bolting some stuff down today and finally getting it back together!
  17. Interesting info on the flow numbers.....:nice:What exh valves did you go with?

    My local station pulled the E85, Im rethinking doing it now on my car..nearest station is a long way away
  18. MotorDec2011.jpg

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  19. Man, that looks great. Good work man.