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  1. :nice:

    can you still close your hood?
  2. Thanks Vib
  3. Rick if it was a haul for me I wouldnt run it, I have a few stations with in a few miles of me.

    On TEA's call I did not run the inconel (or whatever the exh valves are called) I just run a reg TFS stainless valve
  4. Blackvert, that would suck if not haha!

    Yes, I did a mock up
  5. that looks great
  6. Thxs Troy!
  7. Hotside is on, driver side header kicked my arse for 2.5 hrs LOL. That was a 1st and my lower back hates me right now haha. A few fuel lines needed to be re-done due to the rails being in a diff location, need to run my the shop and get the fittings/line I need.
    Still need to mill upper, and drill/tap for vaccum. Intake machine work should be done by Monday.

    Getting there!

    With the wife working nights it makes it tough, I work days and play to my 4 kiddos at night. Wrenching from 10pm-2am is getting old quick...then waking up ay 0515 for work haha.
    We must really love this #### to go thru what we do haha!

    Been a busy few weeks with the holidays, havent had alot of time. Should have some new pics in the next few days planning a few late nighters to get this stuff knocked out.
  8. damn. i'm too old for those kind of hours anymore. cheers and get some rest before you get yourself sick.
  9. looking forward to more pics and get some rest
  10. Congrats on getting it done. I didn't know you had four kids. I don't have any kids, and I never have any time.

  11. Thanks guys!

    Lil guy helped me some this weekend!


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  12. Start'em early. My boys help me with everything.

    So, is it done?
  13. Milled Upper Elbow .5" and drilled/tapped rear for vaccum refrence.



    Should have the rockers back on and lash set today. Then I can put the VC's on for good and button up the top side. Still have a few odds and ends but getting there.

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  14. Vib I agree nothing better.

    No not done

    I think I may paint the milled portion of the upper also where the words PRECISON are so it highlights it. Detail work...gotta love it.

    If I get some time, it should be running this week. I'm pretty wore out though. After I get the valvetrain GTG tonight I may take a day or two break.
  15. This is the spacer I'm running, suppose to help quiet abit with this manifold. It is CNC'd and tapered, it aids in striaghtening the air out and keeping it off the back side of the manifold. This intake WAS designed for a carb, but they now convert them to EFI intakes. So the manifolds orig design was to have a 4 hole/carb on top. Some claim this aids in tuning issues that some see, some see as much as 20% lean on certain cylinders. Luckily my BS3 has individual cyl tuning, but I'm hoping the correction is almost nil with the spacer.


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  16. Be interested to see how that works...

    Ive angle milled spacers and elbows to gain a little hood clearance as well. Seems I usually run into issues where the pipe connects to the TB damn things hits the side of the cowl hood...

    My 2.5 year old daughter has pink tools and loves to help dad... :nice:
  17. That's an interesting spacer. Reminds of the spacer they put on the Tuned Port Injection 305 and 350 motors back in the day (I was a Chevy mechanic back then). The air would hit the throttle body bar in the center, they used the tappered spacer for the air flow to roll of smoothly into the TB.

    My 12 year old cleaning up some parts.


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  18. Rick thats hilarious about the pink tools, yet super cool at the same time haha!
    I did check for clearance with the tb on (and tps) with the coldside pipe attached. It is close but clears. I guess time will tell if I have a rub mark on the under side of the hood from the motor tq'ing over.

    Vib...never knew you worked on Chevys. The pic of your boy working on the lower is so bad ass! I look forward to times like that with my son :)

    Lots of info on these intakes/spacers on yellowbullet. I fid'g I would take some advice on this one, and give it a try!
  19. Got the lash knocked out tonight, and a few other small wiring deals I was re-doing.

    Glad its taken care of.

    Next few days plan to square the fuel lines away and assemble/route the new quick fit vaccum fittings/lines

    Cant wait to be done with this!
  20. Discovered bad a-arm bushings last night also. I always thought the way the AJE A-arm mated up with the k-member was a lil hokey, by that I mean it always had a gap even though tightend down. It bugged me enought that I sent them pics about a year ago and they said that is normal. The plastic sleeve/bushing looked to be migrated out.

    Anyhow it started bugging me again, as it looks wrong. I decided to take a rubber mallot and give it a wack from side to side, to my surprise the entire A-arm moved 1/8" LOL. Scary stuff right there!
    I called AJE this morning they said the bushings must be bad now. The kmember setup is 10+ yrs old but I think this was the issue in the past aswell. I am now torn to spend the 40-60$ for new bushings or finally get Fox A-arms (260$) like I have always wanted as they are 1" shorter than SN's and make the front end look super mean imop with the wheels tucked. I am honestly sick of spending at this point, but now is the time to do it if I ever plan on it since the A-arms are coming off.


    Just glad I found it, and wasn't racing like that. Bet my alignment was spot on with the A-arm moving like that HAHA