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  1. I use the UPR 1" shorter adjustable arms on my own car, this way with my Wilwood brakes my tires tuck and fit correctly. No bushings and they move so nice and free....

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    I tried to register on Yellowbullet and it was not taking anymore people? I thought I registered a long time ago but cant remember any of my info...
  2. I joined in July 2010, have 0 posts, same username.

    Rick, just don't do a search on UPR on yellowbullet. There have been some serious heated debates on there the last few years about suspension parts. Most are locked now.
  3. Yeah I know... I have run their stuff for years with no issues, its all US made and welded in FL. Ive seen the debates... Do I think there is other companies stuff out there that is nice as well....YES. I would sell it if I wouldnt use it.

    I have all UPR front, all TEAM Z rear
  4. I borrowed a UPR fox a-arm from a friend (he has for a build but not yet installed), gonna see if the 1" makes that much of a diff in the look. If I absolutely love it I will buy Racecraft, Team Z, or AJE arms
  5. Setting up new vac lines, I have wanted this style for about 2 years haha, just wish they were black (I have seen better colors but this is what they had at my local store so to get me going these are staying)! My upper/carb ARP studs and upper gaskets should be here this week and I can do the final tq on this new top end!




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  6. BOV


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  7. Might take a day or two break, waiting on some things from Summit to finish up anyhow.
    Just finished up for tonight, I am beat! Still need to shorten all the stainless allen bolts I got for the VC's (lil to long) and tidy up.


    Starting to look like a running car again HAHA

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  8. I would like to switch all my vac lines over to the push lock fittings also! Where i work uses them fittings all over they are awesome. That thing looks awesome dude. Very clean!
  9. Thanks man, I am happy with how things are turning out!
  10. Couple hours I got on the car last night flew by! All this lil detail/plumbing stuff is time consuming!

    Like I said the rails are in a diff loaction so front and rear fuel lines needed to be re-done. I am a picky sob so I have tried 90* and 45*'s off the front of the rails and didnt like the look, waiting on some 60* fittings I ordered a few days ago. It is the front of the motor so it has to look good!
    I did get the rear fuel lines done last night, had to shorten one line, and make a complete new feed for one rail. Turned out good, I like it better than how it was before. Ran the return line thru the valley on the intake so it's hidden now unlike before.
    Got the alternator setup all finished and the crank trigger stuff done/tightend up.
    Shortend all the VC bolts last night also, it took over a hour I was like WTF haha. Shortend each one 4 threads, filed the sharp edges, chased the threads, and then cleaned them. Primed the oil system, and finally installed the VC's fully.

    So small update, but all this lil stuff is time consuming. Hope to get alot done over the weekend.​
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  12. not with my turbo headers, atleast the last ones i tried were a fail
  13. The correct length chromoly ARP studs for my upper/lower showed up finally, I also recieved a postage deal from Summit letting me know the rest of my order was now on back order untill Jan 17th

  14. What parts do you need?
  15. Waiting on my 4150 gaskets, which I will likely just get locally since Summit BO these. I will use the ones from Summit for spares. The new AN fittings for the front of my rails has also not arrived.

    thats all!
  16. Thinking about raffleing my car off when and if I ever hit my goal. All the proceeds would go to JENNABEARS.

    Just a thought at this point, and I still need to hit the goal 1st. I text a few friends and they are all like WTF

  17. Just send me a PM when you're ready to sell. I've also told turbogt to PM too. So whoever gets sick of their cars first PM first.
  18. Will do!!!
  19. Got the front fuel lines done, not 100% happy with it but it's fine. I even tried to tweaked the fittings with a few nice wacks from a rubber mallot lol. Just didn't want to ruin them.
    I tried 90s, 45s and now 60s. So I'm done being anal about this.

    Just not much room and bad angles.

    Should be able to start it REALLY soon