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  1. very awesome Chris as usual
  2. Thxs Ryan!!

    Fubar'd my turbo by dropping something in the xover, but I'm back up and running again LOL.

    Put a few miles on it today.

    Shifter linkage wasn't right, (I had it off messing around under the car at one point over the last few weeks) car seemed to be stuck between 1-2 lol. I re-adjusted and it seems all good now.
    I didn't wanna mess around to much since the car wasn't shifting right.

    When I had it in gear, I got on it decent a few times and saw 9psi and stayed in it for a good 4-5sec trying to get a look at the a/f.
    Saw 11.4-11.6 range under a load, so not bad considering it hasn't be re-tuned since the heads/intake. It is way to rich at idle, I am going to lean that out abit. It is idling around 12.8-13.5.

    Need to get an alignment next week hopefully also, since I had the control arms off re-doing bushings.

    Getting there
  3. Sounds like it's getting there. Hope you get some good times out of it. I can't wait to get the good news from the track.

  4. Trueing header back up tonight
  5. Warp from heat?
  6. I'm still blown away that you've accomplished this much on the car in under a year.

  7. Rick yes, they are about 7yrs old so I guess it was time. On the 146mph pass it had a nasty exh leak and had black stuff on the cyl head from where it leaked so bad so I finally said thats it, fix it right.

    Thanks Kurt I have been working hard to hit that 9.11 for Jenna!
  8. Blue dyed the header

    After awhile on the belt sander, she def wasn't true

    After a long time haha
  9. I also cleaned the header ports up, so there is no more weld hanging out in the air stream. Shaped them up and all.
  10. Sweet...Ive seen that on normal headers as well. Thats a mild steel header right?

    A guy I was talking to about my turbo headers told me if I go stainless be prepared to have to mill the flanges often and really recommended Mild Steel. I know there are many theories and you get 50 different opinions between mild steel vs stainless...I just like that stainless will last and look beautiful, a 32v mod motor in a fox doesnt make them easy to get to you
  11. I had an issue with the mild steel Turbo header on my 86 Grand National. Had it rewelded twice, cracked again the week I was selling the car. Got a stick of JB Weld High Heat Temp Header Epoxy, fixed the leak better than the reweld. 550+ of Toque on a little V-6. Too much torque on that header I guess.

  12. I really like those cars, dont see many around up my way anymore. I watched a special on the GNX this past weekend, a buddies fatehr had one that had 28 miles on it, dealer paper mats and all still in it, never tagged...SOLD it for a TON of cash.
  13. They under rated the GNX at 276HP in 1987 so it didn't look like on paper that the mighty Vette would lose. Those who opted to dyno GNX cars got a range from 315-365HP at the wheels (not many made the same HP). With a limited number I can see a GNX fetching serious coin especially low miles. A regular GN with the claimed 235HP would whoop a new Vette. Hell, I sold my GN for $12,500 like 10 years ago. If I sold it today it would be much higher than that. I had too many toys at that point and the wifey was preggers. Wasn't selling the Mustang for a mid-80's Buick.


  14. I love those cars, have always wanted one!

    Rick yes mine are mild steel. Considering the age and use most are surprised this is the first time I have had to do this.
  15. I've always wanted one too, after owning one I'll save you the headache, it's pretty crappy. Everything I touched in the interior broke (not easy to replace), bouncy sweeping speedo, uncomfortable, it took the windows 7 miles to go up, the door locks hit so hard it would droop the sun visors. It's a really piss poor mid-80's GM made vehicle other than the motor. The motor is amazing. They put this motor into a white GTA Trans AM with gold BBS spoke wheels as the 1989 Indy Pace Car. That's the car to get, it's extremely rare. Pass on the Buick.
  16. Good info haha thanks!

    You have all my dream cars, that one and a Dolerean (sp*)
  17. I drove the Delorean in high school. Had to get a part time job just to pay for the parts that broke. It's not fast, 130BHP. Pop the doors and you could get any chick you wanted though.

  18. Damn you suck....I always wanted a fully polished Delorean, or the car from the Wraith

  19. I remember the Wraith movie very well with Charlie Sheen, he was like 19 years old back then. Great car movie. I believe the Wraith car was a Firebird Concept if I remember correctly.

    My Dad bought the Delorean brand new, ordered in 1980, delivered to a Volvo dealership from Ireland in 1981. I remember going with him to take delivery as a 10 year old kid. My Dad drove the Delorean everyday until he suffered a heart attack in 1985. I was 14 at the time. After his surgery my Dad taught me how to drive stick. I would drive to school with him in the passenger seat, I would get him out of the seat and put him in the driver's seat. Same thing on the way home. I drove a Delorean everyday at 14 years old. I would drive him to Orlando, Tampa in that car. He'd be sleeping and I'm 14 years old driving long distances with a 34lb clutched Delorean. We still have the Delorean, I'll have it forever and give it to my kids.

    Chris, we kinda changed the subject in your thread, sorry about that.

    Rick, there was a bank in Ft. Lauderdale that had an all Gold Plated Delorean in the lobby. I have a Polaroid of it at home from like 1988. With gold prices at an all time high that car has some value.

  20. No worries Vib, I'm enjoying this!!