modding help needed

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by ColdDogCat, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Need suggestions on how to modify my 01 cobra, whats the best add ons or upgrades for good power and torque. I already have intake, cat back,and programmer. thanks guys
  2. A set of gears out back (the factory 3.27s are pretty lame for the high revving 4v engine in these cars).

    If you want gobs of torque, well, you'll have to go the forced induction route. If you are a low-RPM torque junkie who likes stoplight to stoplight action, seek out a roots/twinscrew style blower instead of a centrigual blower (ie - Vortech).

    G'luck. :cheers:
  3. what needs to be done to my motor in order to not blow it up with procharger or such
  4. Keep the boost 8 MAX or less on stock engine.

    I blew my 1st engine when I changed the pulley (running 8 lbs) to get to 10lbs boost, ran her very hard for 3-4 months, then she blew.

    On the re-build, she got forged took it up to 12Lbs running a P-Series Procharger , today she is now 14 Lbs running a D-Series and running iron block since she is also bored out .020.