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  1. Ok "mods" I need some help. I keep getting notifications that I need to update a classified ad but I have deleted the thread and can't update an ad that is no longer there. Can one of y'all please stop the notifications

  2. Link me to the forum or old link to the thread, because it will still be there to a degree and Ill check and see, if we can find it and you click on SOLD, it should stop emails.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.

  4. You should never self-delete a classifieds ad. If you require that a classifieds ad be deleted, you should notify a staff member.

    If an ad is no longer valid (for whatever the reason) you should change the tag to SOLD as indicated my MRaburn above. Your ability to delete any thread or post is limited to a soft-delete. What that means is that it is removed from a normal user account's view and from non-account view. The thread is not actually deleted.

    PM or Post the link to the thread (should be in the email notification that you got) so that we can take a look.

    If you need to delete a classifieds ad (i.e. a grievous error was made in judgement that the public should not see), you should delete it then bring it to the attention of a staff member to properly deal with it.

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