modern parking brake classic stang

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  1. I want this setup but I don't even know where to start.
    I researched this guy from Mustang monthly (Dominic Greco)

    but I can't find out how this e brake system is rigged.
    Anyone know how I can get a kit like this and get it in my mustang?


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  2. looks to me like it might be a trunk release. I dont know if that would be strong enough to engage the brakes, and I do not see how it would stay engaged.

    As for e-brakes, check out Lokar for hot rod style ebrakes.
  3. that's a trunk release.
  4. I think CPR did a newer style e-brake pull
  5. That's definately the trunk pull.

    I did a Lokar kit on mine on the center hump.
  6. A lot of people use a fox body ebrake assembly to do this. I was going to use a Porche 914 setup so that it stays engaged but doesn't stay up

    This topic has definately been covered before. Try using the search button, as much as the forum's search button sux you should be able to find this one.

    Dang, I'm not usually the search button police....
  7. fox one is the easiest one. I put a 03gt one in (just because I had a wrecked one). I just cut out the floor section and welded it into the 66.
  8. the cpr pull

    is the earlier style under the dash thing, just a new handle for it. I plan to whatever e-brake handle I can, Fox or otherwise, that I can get to stick out of a slot in a classic console and look good doing it. I'll probably cut a slot in the classic console and put a flexible rubber rim around the slot I cut to dress it up a bit.
  9. I got super lucky and ******ed up the whole center floor from a 2003 convertable (including the handle, the brackets, the cable, AND the floor) that was ten minutes from the trash (my customer was clipping a wrecked convertable).

    The battery is dead on my camera now, but I'll be posting pictures later of the parts. I drilled out all the spotwelds last night, my plan is to make a template of the 2003 floor and redrill/weld the brackets into my '65. That is, unless somebody has an opinion why I shouldn't do it that way.
  10. just weld in the piece of the floor...much easier than trying to make it fit. You have to have the recessed area of the gear for it to work right.

    To the OP: here is a great writeup on a fox brake handle install
  11. do a search, another person on this site, He has a site and I believe it it "Dazscars" or something like that. He has detailed instructions on installing the E-Brake from later mustangs with a method that does not require cutting the floor. I have his site book marked on on cmputer at home, but my PC has crashed and I havn't got it back up yet . I'm planning on this upgrade myself