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  1. Went to the local cars and coffee event last Saturday and got asked by all the mustang guys if I modified my car yet. So the idea has been placed in my mind. I do not want to void the warranty, met an Aussie with flow master out axleback, is it possible to get axle-back or even cat back without voiding my warranty?
    I have a 2013 mustang GT.
    Any other mods out there y'all would recommend?
  2. Any exhaust set up after the catalytic will NOT void warranty. A good cold air intake, such as Steeda will really wake up the car but those can void warranty, however being they're so easy to put back to stock it's worth looking into.
  3. Thanks, is there anything else I can do that won't void the warranty?
  4. Cosmetic upgrades.
  5. Lighting upgrades!


    Plus it's very affordable

    Nick C.
  6. That's one bright trunk!
  7. It's a big upgrade for a small price :D

    Nick C.
  8. What other lighting upgrades do you offer?
  9. We have replacement LED's for every location, footwell LED kits, Angel eye kits, Multicolor bulbs that change colors with a remote or your phone, (**)...HID conversions. All kinds of fun stuff and normal stuff

    Nick C.

    *I don't push the underglow kits hard, but ours are the brightest* lol
  10. How does your phone control the lights?
  11. We have a WiFi controller that allows you to use a Smartphone app to control the color, brightness and several other modes with our RGB lights. It's pretty slick!

    I'll have more pictures and videos on it soon

    Nick C.
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  12. GT500 take off mufflers, gears...should be a good starting point.