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  1. 2000 GT (In SIG)

    Mods can be found here: along with 1/4 and 1/8 mile times that are associated with them as well as my thoughts on the mods and any pics that I took.

  2. Part Deaux

    BGR Intake Spacer (1/2"): RELATIVELY easy to install....had to mess with the EGR and it doesn't like to move. But I got it done. Car is peppier now, and pull stronger after 3000 RPM's. Dyno numbers are from my buddy's 2000 GT with the same spacer....and he saw an average +7hp and +12 tq with it. Allz I know is, the SOTP meter tells me it's doing some good.

    Steeda Catback: After I sold my Flows (thanks to a woman) I had the stockers welded into place. WAY too quiet....I wanted something different though. Of course, by this time, I parted ways with said woman and wanted a nice growl. I looked at the Borla's but didn't like the intercooled tips, and I didn't want Flows again since most of my friends run them. So I had an opportunity to get a Steeda catback for a decent price, and haven't regretted it. The install was painless and the sound is unmistakable. With the ProChamber, the sound is throaty and bassy down low, while loud and aggressive at WOT. Best of all, no drone. I like the Magnaflow tips better, but these look pretty darn nice.

    Hotchkis C/C plates: I had some Pro3i CC plates, but the bushing went out on it and was making a ton of noise. Of course I got one of the initial batches, and am the only one to have the problem. No biggie, I took it as an opportunity to upgrade to the Hotchkis plates....which are chrome and use a polyurethane bushing. Very nice. However, I will probably go back to the Pro3i since I am looking into coilovers for the front and the Hotchkis aren't made for CO's.

    Polyurethane endlinks, swaybar bushings: for $19 each these are well worth the money. They tightened up the front end steering and handling. Not a HUGE difference, but it definitely helped. Well worth the money and they are very easy to install if you are doing them all together.

    MGW Ltd.: I pretty much have everything from their catalog. I've had the Gripper knob, and am currently using their Enduro knob. I'm hoping to have one of their T-handles for Xmas. AC knobs, headlight and doorlock pins. All well constructed and worth their weight in gold. Not only that, but George & Co. offer outstanding customer service. Highly recommended if you've got $100 buck burning a hole in yer pocket.

    That is all for now.
  3. 2001 Cobra Coupe:

    (in order of mods)

    K&N replacement air filter - No difference felt by seat of the pants meter (LOL); done as the "obligatory K&N filter mod" sine everyone else out there is running one. Very easy install (duh-LOL) ;)

    Steeda Tri Ax Shifter - HUGE difference over the stock POS shifter. I still think this is the best mod I have done (so far!) to my Cobra. Shifts are much more clean now; the extra noise isn't a big deal- you get used to it after a couple of weeks & it just becomes "background noise" for 99% of us. Easy to install as well! A "must" for any manual transmission IMHO. Will be the first thing I change out on my next Mustang :)

    Full Length Densecharger Cold Air Intake Ditched the drop-in K&N air filter & stock intake tubing in favor of the Densecharger. Install was straightforward, had a buddy give me a hand since it is tough to line up the plastic tubing in the fenderwell by yourself. Difference was not very noticable over the previous (stock w/ K&N) setup, but the motor felt like it could rev a bit easier in the higher RPM range now (probably due to the larger sized diameter intake tract). Dyno numbers for the car are included in sig as this was the only "power" mod done to the car at the time. True baseline dyno #'s in 100% stock trim were never done, so I can't tell how much, if any.
    Customer service is top notch, John DeMolet is willing to work with you if you have fitment problems, etc.

    Magnaflow X pipe w/cats & Magnaflow catback (installed at the same time). - Very nice exhaust note, run a search on my username in the SVT forum & you can view the thread I created where I am sharing 3 videos of my exhuast... The motor breathes much better on the top end IMHO (dyno numbers coming in the spring) & I don't feel a loss in low-end torque. The catted X pipe is probably the reason for that. The sound is very smooth & mellow, the perfect exhaust note for my needs. Quiet at idle, but comes to life when you stomp on it. Install took a couple of hours, was not very difficult but some may have trouble getting the passenger side header-to-stock-Hpipe bolts off. Also, you might spend some additional time lining the catback up so it sits exactly the way you want it, just like any other catback out there. I'm glad I installed both exhaust components :)

    Maximum Motorsports Full Length Powdercoated Subframe Connectors This is the only mod that I have had to have a shop install for me since I do not know anybody with a welder :( The car feels much more "sure-footed" now, if I had to describe it. The chassis is tighter & the car handles better during hard turns IMHO. NVH did not increase & no ground clearance was lost either. A very good upgrade, the sooner the better so your chassis does not get bent to hell... :)

    I think that's everything....PM or e-mail me if you have any specific questions, I'll be glad to answer them :) -Harry
  4. Great thread! :nice: Here's my contribution:

    K&N Air Filter: Well, you gotta start somewhere, right? Easy to install, no noticable gains of any kind, but I felt like a modder. :p

    Steeda Tri-Ax: Still my favorite mod to date. Makes the car a lot more fun to drive. Easy install. A friend (who was half drunk) and I installed it. Had to make some corrections later, but still good 10 months later.

    Ford Racing C Springs: Perfect drop, IMO. Car actually rides a little better, and handles better. Haven't been able to really push it through any corners lately, but I can still tell a difference.

    MAC Prochambers: Hard to install (had my mechanic do it). Had to lengthen 02 plugs and do some other things to make it fit. But I definately felt a good jump in power, especially mid and upper range.

    Magnaflow Magnapacks: WOW! These things are amazing. Paired with the 'chambers, they sound very loud and refined (112 decibles @ 5K RPMs). Low end sounds like a '69 big block. Top end sounds like NASCAR. Gotten a lot of compliments on these. Not to mention they are drop dead gorgeous. :nice:
  5. FWIW,
    Following mods were performed on our bone-stock 2001 Cobra:

    DiabloSport 4-bank chip
    From day one I felt that the motor had a real conservative fuel setup on it. Kinda like the motor was leaning waaaaay out at WOT..... dying for more fuel. To help solve this, we installed the DiabloSport chip. Once you get the factory computer out from behind the passenger side kick panel, install is a breeze. Diablo gives you a pad of ScotchBrite abrasive pad for cleaning up the contacts on your computers' circuit board. After you scuff up the coating on the contacts, it's really just a matter of plugging up the harness of the chip to your circuit board and "Voila". The design of the Diablo allows you to "hide" the chip and its' innards inside your factory ECM box for a clean look....... (no wires hanging out, etc.). Then just replace the kick panel cover and you're done. (BTW, I neglected to mention that you need to be sure and disconnect your battery prior to removing your ECM box.) The chip really seemed to help the motor pull at higher RPMs. Throttle response feels better when you mash the pedal now, too. :D

    Steeda Tri-Ax
    I think enough good stuff has already been said about this one, so I'll only comment briefly. I, for one, LOVE the transmission noise it adds, too. Kinda sounds like the old IMSA GT transmissions you heard from the in-car cameras. A chimp can't miss third gear in this thing now !! :doh:

    Steeda UDP's
    I added these at the same time that I added the C&L MAF, so isolating which one gave me what gains took a little dyno checking. As it turns out, I netted 10 RWHP from them when all was said and done. I had the dealership install these and judging from what I observed, rates a "medium" on the backyard mechanic difficulty scale. Having a lift and the right tools (ie-impact wrench, breaker bar) at your disposal would definitely help. Word of warning: be extra sure you get the right set of pullies from Steeda, 'coz Ford changed the water pump pulley design mid-year in '01 and used two very different pulleys, and they're definitely not interchangeable. :nono:

    C&L 80mm MAF
    For those of you who may have not yet heard, I'm probably one of the biggest advocates for this thing on all of Stangnet. The difference in pull with the addition of the C&L was nothing short of incredible in my case. The '01 Cobras (in bone-stock trim) seemed to be gasping for air, particularly at higher RPMs. Well lemme tell 'ya what, this baby solved that problem for me BIG TIME. All of a sudden, the car felt like an asthmatic that just got a good blast of Primatene, pulling like a mofo on the top end. When we took it to the dyno, we made a pull with the C&L/K&N combo in place, then swapped the factory MAF and paper filter in and promptly lost a dyno-verified 13 RWHP on the second pull. 'Nuff said :spot:

    The install of this things' a breeze too. Took all of 15 minutes. :crazy:

    FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
    I actually had this installed as a warranty replacement item when my Service Tech (God Bless Him) said he was feeling some drivetrain vibration at higher RPMs while test driving the car. All it cost me was the difference in price (about $40.00 installed). You don't really feel any gains from this mod, but just knowing that you're reducing the weight of parasitic drag on your drivetrain is a good thing........ especially for the price. :flag:

    To date, we dyno at 299.0 RWHP/ 305.1 ft lbs torque.... or about 27 MORE RWHP after the mods shown. Haven't actually been back since the driveshaft install, but it's a safe bet I'm just a hair over 300 at the rear wheels now. We're also still running the factory Cobra exhaust setup for now, down to the tips. Probably a few extra ponies hiding in there if 'ya know where to look, but I'm honestly not in any real hurry to find out just yet. Maybe next spring.............:banana:
  6. 2000 GT 5 spd.

    UPR Short-Throw Shifter : Easy to install and made a huge difference in my shifting. Plus it gave me a better peace of mind knowing that the shifter had stop-bolts to keep me from ruining a synchro. i opted for the lightweight shifter handle option.

    SuperTrapp Mufflers : Love 'em!! I can't really imagine my car without them. They are tunable mufflers and really make the car sound good. My only problem with them is that i couldn't tuck them in a little farther (they kinda stick out too much), but its cool. I got used to it.

    MGW Interior Pieces : Got everything down to the shifter handle. Great quality, easy to install, look great!!

    46Defense Intake Spacer : Didnt really make any difference, but it didnt hurt either. I picked mine up for $30 shipped, so I couldn't really pass it up.

    MAC CAI : It was on the car when I got it so I can't really say that it made any difference. Looks good under the hood though.

    MAC Prochamber : Sounds great, looks great, wasn't that big of a PITA to install either. Use the stock gasket though. I'd love to get some sound clips of my car if anyone within reasonable distance of me, that has the equipment, would mind helping me out with this.

    FMS C Springs : Really love the way it droped the car. It's aggressive looking. I opted NOT to cut the rear springs until I saw what the drop would be after the springs settled. I think I'll cut 1/4" when I install my Bilsteins.

    AFS 17x9 Cobra R's : They look great and I did notice a difference in handling with the wider tire and rim.

    Kumho Ecsta Supra 712's (255/40/17) : Great tire for the price. They hook up pretty well on dry asphalt and handle pretty well on wet roads too.

    Maximum Motorsport Full length Subframe Connectors : They are a great quality piece. I haven't installed mine yet because I'm getting them powdercoated to a color that I prefer over the optional black. I'd definately recomend them though!

    I think I've done more, but I can't remember everything else right now. If I do I'll put them in.

  7. 2000 GT Mods

    H&R Super Sport Springs & MM Caster/Camber Plates: This was my first mod. The springs dropped the car 1-3/4" up front and 1-1/2" in the rear. Car looked much better. Sits like a Stang should. The CC plates were an easy install and sure make it easy for any kind of alignment adjustments for racing or just keeping the tires from wearing on the edges. Definitely worth the $200. I didn't replace the stock struts and shocks then and really wished I had. The tighter springs really need a good strut and shock to make them more enjoyable.

    Flowmaster 2-chamber mufflers. I had them welded into my stock cat back. They sounded much better than stock and made car just more fun to drive. No noticable gain in performance. I paid $200 to have them welded into my stock cat back and wished now that I would have bought a new system.....and installed it myself.

    Mac Prochamber: I bought mine directly from Mac not very long after it was realeased for the 4.6l. I did the install and it was not all that painful except for the typical passenger side header bolts. They're a pita to get on and off. I feel like it woke up the car quite a bit on the mid to top end of the rpm's. The sound with the Flows is intoxicating. Everybody likes the sound of my car, even the wife. People hear me coming and love it. Money well spent for performance and ear factor. Yeah there's a good drone at 2100 rpm's but, it sounds mean as hell at throttle. $229

    Steeda Underdrive pulleys and Timing Adjuster: I bought my set from a guy here on the stangnet for half price brand new. Watch the classifieds and you'll save some bucks! Install was pretty straight forward. I had to buy a torque wrench and a wheel puller but am glad that I now have both. Increase in performance wasn't real noticable until wot, then I could feel the motor just pull smoother. I have my TA set at 14 Deg. All accessories seem to still work as good as before.

    more later.......good luck::flag: :spot:
  8. 96 GT 5spd

    Glasspacks i don't know the actuall name of the glasspacks I got but I don't suppose it matters. There is an immediat difference in sound once you install them (the crackling sound when reving down) and i wouldn't have any other muffler. Especially b/c they only cost 20 bucks and weld in in about 20 min.

    3.73 Ford Rear A must have to anyone looking to make the stang faster. I would have gotten 4.10's if i had it all to do again but i'm happy with the 3's for now. The install has to be done professionally and took a day (lotsa trouble with wheel locks and chip/clutch going in at the same time)

    Diablo Chip I expected to notice more than I did. I got this in combo with the gears and King Cobra so it's impact wasn't felt alone. The car was definately faster than before but for the 250 bucks I don't know if it was worth it. Maybe a dyno tune will be the judge :) Install was ez.

    King Cobra Clutch Probably one of the most significant "feeling" mods in the whole group. If you drive everyday on a King Cobra you will have trouble with all regular clutches, and visa versa. It was definately worth the 220 i spent on it.

    MAC o/r X-pipe Some people say it sounds raspy, but it's the exact sound i was looking for. I havn't seen a mustang around yet that has a better sounding exhaust (but that's my .02 only). The only thing i would rather have than this exhaust setup would be open lt's. You can't beat the $160 price although install took 4 hours and cost about a pint of blood... *tip= wear gloves when your putting all your energy behind 2 sweaty/greasy hands under a car.

    AEM CAI I get raged on all the time because of the "bling bling" look, but everyone that thinks that's the reason i got the thing can go to hell. I noticed a little gain in the feel but mostly at the track where it gave me .2 seconds in the 1/4, probably combined with a little better driving. It only costed 90 bucks off ebay and took 20 min to install. My mustang is loving the 30 degree air now.

    There's my contribution... good idea :nice: and keep it up guys... I'll post again when i get the setup dyno tuned. anyone that know's a good place to have it done in NC, give me a PM
  9. a little breather valve from the Rice section in AutoZone for about $7.
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  10. HAHAHAHAHA!! I got one of those on my engine too!! I made my own densecharger for about $25 with PVC from lowes. It's really bad azz. I drilled the hole for the intake manifold breather tube and for the little air temp plug but I didn't want that long plastic tube going across the engine so I got the little breather valve and stuck it on that little nub that sticks out on the driver's side valve cover. I can FEEL THE POWER!! Dynoed 8~15 HP!!! :banana:
  11. Mods

    :spot: :spot: :spot: My mid life crisis
    96 laser red GT
    Good tuneup: Really need it at 60000 miles (plugs worn out)
    3.73 gears, 31 spline axles
    Under drive pullies; No real power, Makes things last longer
    BBK X pipe; Real power improvement, must have
    Spec aluminium flywheel and clutch
    C&L Mass air; 70 mm Ford throttle body; Even more power upstairs
    Flowmaster exhaust; Helped a little more, sounds awsome
    Mac ULCA's; though), FRPP shorty headders, battery relocated, subframe connectors, aftermarket shifter,
    NX express system installed (with bigger pump and injectors)
    Edited aftertoughts; PI cam swap, must have (runs very hard)
    Roush timing adjuster, makes the chip obsolete (and does a better job because it is adjustable).
    Lowering it makes it look cool but rides worse on bumps.
    :flag: :banana:
  12. Just a few

    Haven't had it that long yet but the list is growing. Here's what we have so far. It's a 2002 Mustang GT that I have absolutely fell in love with.

    K & N Air Filter -2HP -2LB TQ (paper was new so left the k &N in anyway. Don't feel like buying new ones every few months or so.

    Magnaflow x-pipe w/cats and magnapacks 10.56HP & 9.53TQ Well worth the money as it sounds great. Just wish those set screws were better. driver side always seems to work loose.

    Steeda U/D Pullies 5.64HP & 4.93TQ Almost flat across the board too. may not be a lot but for less than 200$ what can ya say. I'll take em.

    Hooker LT Headers 9.12HP & 6.51 TQ These things work awesome. Had to modify the x pipe but it all came out great. sounds like a monster now when its about 3k rpms. the increase doesn't look that great but they are the max #'s below 3k rpm's the headers picked up 15#'s anyhow. I love them.

    All mods were dynoed twice before install and twice after, so these numbers should be pretty true.
    with the above mods I ran a [email protected] on the factory rubber.

    Hope these mods help some of you out. I'm going to get it dynoed again sometime soon with all the mods and put the paper filter back in. just curious. I have to know.
  13. Pro 5.0 Shifter
    Good mod, never had a stock shifter so cant compare. Shifts a little easier than the Tri-Ax, and I rarely miss a gear. I chose yo use the tri-ax handle because I didnt like the shortness and position of the Pro 5.0 handle.

    Not too bad on mileage, 2900 RPMs at 80mph on the highway, so not so bad. No traction at all in slightly slippery areas.

    Aluminum Driveshaft
    Not much to say other than it cured some slight vibration and is lighter.

    Centerforce Clutch
    Havent had this for too long, but I like it so far. Pedal feel is similar to stock. This is not the D/F.

    Mac Cai
    Felt nothing, most likely just an appearance mod. Installation was annoying as well. Go for a c&l and densecharger upper for the money.

    Steeda Pullies and T/A
    I did both of these at the same time, and they definately made a difference. Car pulled a lot harder all around. I had some problems because of getting the incorrect water pump pulley, but its all correcetd now. Definate good first mods.

    BBK Longtubes
    I opted for the ceramic BBK LT's. However if Id have known that the hookers didnt need to be removed for tranny/clutch work, I would have gotten themi instead. Mechanic said installation was horrible, and I made the same HP as a friend with similar mods who has stock manifolds, so who knows.

    O/R H-pipe
    Nothin much to say here other than its ugly and small.

    Magnapack Catback, MAC Flowpaths
    Magnaflow makes a quality product. I was very happy with the X-pipe, magnapack combo. However when I got the LTs I did not like the sound it produced, and I switched to MAC stainless flowpath mufflers welded into the catback. Sounds deeper and more like a Mustang. Im pretty happy with the setup now.

    Steeda Strut Tower Brace
    Pretty easy install. Some firewall cutting and drilling required, stiffened up the front end.

    MM c/c Plates
    Definately the best c/c plates out there. Corrected some unwanted tire wear with them.

    Tokico Illumina 5-ways
    Awesome product, incredible difference in ride noise, handling, and quality. The adjustability factor is a big plus as well.

    Steeda Sport springs
    Nice stance, but when I went with 18s it appeared higher. I was happy with it when I had the bullit wheels. Nice raked look.

    MM Full Subs
    Another quality product, they weld in. Teh car felt a little bumpier after the install. Less creaks as well, do the installation off the suspension.

    MM LCAs
    I got the non adjustable LCAs from MM. They are a high quality product and installation is pretty simple. I dont have enough runs after them to really comment on their performance.

    Corbeau Carreras (CR1's)
    Cool looking seat, great lateral support. Cant be a fatty for these. IMO best seat for the money.

    Thats it I guess, good idea Spreadman.
  14. K & N Blah blah blah

    Steeda Tri-ax (T-45) Easier putting it in than taking the old one out. Took about an hour or so. Much better shifting but notchier than the stock shifter.

    Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers Didnt notice any gain but then again I barely had the car broken in when I got them. I like the sound (see sig for movies).

    Steeda Underdrive Pullies Installation took about an hour with no problems. I noticed just a slight gain afterwards.

    Steeda Sport Springs I had them installed. It took about a week or so for them to settle. Ride quality didnt suffer. I didnt need cc plates or have to replace the shocks & struts. Nice even drop.

    Kenny Brown Super Subs Nice mod. Stiffened the car up. It stays flatter on corners. I get a creak when first taking off, Im not sure if it is related but it happened soon after the install.

    Bilstein shocks & 03 Cobra Bilstein struts Good bang for the buck. The car is much stiffer and ride quality decreased. Traction also decreased. The rear seems stiffer than the front. It handles much better.

    Mach 1 chin spoiler For $50 you cant beat the way it looks. I installed it in about an hour by myself. You really need 2 people to help hold it in place.

    GM Syncromesh It helped a little but cold shifting is still a problem for the 1-2 shift. Im going to try Redline next.
  15. MAC Pro-Chamber
    I just added this to my 02 GT and love it :banana:No other GT sounds like mine in Austin(that I have heard). At idle, it's not to loud but when you get on it, WOW. Also I did't have to add the MILs, my check engine light hasnt come on(know on wood) :nice:
    FR 4.10s
    I added this to my GT when I got my Pro-Chamber. I would also recommend this. Big difference in acceleration. Be sure to also get the SpeedCal, my mustang shop was out. No big deal though, just have to do some math to figure my speed:D
  16. ok I'll jump in on this but I only have 2 mods so it'll be real short

    Flowmaster Delta 40's I had them welded in and they woke my car up a ton! I love the way they sound and there is hardly any drone when I'm just cruising. I get nothing but compliments about the way my car sounds. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Eibach Pro-kit My car handles quite a bit better, but I would have liked my car to go a little bit lower. I would recommend these to anyone who want their car just about an inch or so lower and a nice ride. I hardly even notice I have lowering springs since my car still rides very nice!

    I wouldn't know about ease of install on either of these things because I had a muffler shop do the Flows and a Mechanic friend of mine did the springs.
  17. 2002 True Blue GT

    Ok, I am new on here BTW, here it goes:

    Bassani X-Pipe w/cats and Bassani Mufflers : Sounds awsome when on the throtle, but a little to quite while at idle. Had the shop weld it all together, looks great! I didn't really notice any HP gains.

    Ford Racing Short Headers : Had them installed same time as the exhaust.

    Hurst Short Shifter : This took me a while to find. I am glad I went with this, I like it because the throw is increadibly short. It took some gettin' used to, it is a bit notchy, but I like it like that. Now when I visit my mom, she cant drive it, she cant find the gears. HA-HA!

    Vortech SQ 2-V : This was the most difficult thing I have dealt with! Tommy Vaughn sold it to me and promissed it would work for my car. IT DIDN'T! My car was in the shop for 3 weeks while I waited for the correct part! Now that it is finally in, it is an increadable increase in power. It is a lot of fun!

    I feel that I am leaving something out,... maybe not.
    Next I will get some new gears, clutch, and some new tires.

    Thats it!
  18. 99 Gt vert

    Ok i can join in on this as well.

    K&N Filter was the first thing to go in, at the same time I removed the air silencer.

    Next I had a Bassini X-Pipe installed and left the stock mufflers on the car.

    I installed the Stteda Tri-ax shifter and like the rest of you with this shifter it really makes the car a lot more fun to drive.

    Just had some Eibach Sport springs put in and the ride is a lot better then stock. Dropped her down about 1.5 inches all the way around. I regret not having a set of CC plates installed at the same time. I will be adding them very shortly. I really like the handling and the lower look on her is great.

    Put a set of 410 FRPP gears in and she is a lot quicker then with the 327 in. I would recommend 410 to anyone who is looking at changing out the gears in the stang.

    As I add more i will be back to update here.
  19. UPDATE:

    Clear Corners- I used the directions from FN SWEET. I did this a couple of months ago. I love the way they look. BUT, what a pain in the ass. Definitely something that I would never do again. It took a couple of hours and little pieces of black plastic were everywhere. And to top it all off, I have condensation in my one head light.:mad: No matter how good I seal it up, it ALWAYS comes back. I do not recommend this mod.

    SR Motorsports Indiglo Guages- I only paid around $70 for these and they are worth every penny. They are White in the daytime and either Blue or Green at night at the flip of a switch. Install took longer than I expected but nothing to hard. I highly recommend these to everyone.

    Painted Interior- I painted my interior Silver to match my car. I did only paint the center console and the 2 defroster vents though. I didn't do the door bezels or around the guages. I think that anything more than what I did is "over doing it". I'm not bashing others for doing it, I just don't like it, just my opinion. Very easy to do. The main things to do are....Take your time and have patience. Painting Tip- Hold the can far away from the piece to be painted. After about 3 coats you (if you are doing it right) should still be able to see the factory black plastic. That is a good thing. Many light coats are better then few heavy me.:nice: I just wanted to add some color to the "plain" boring black interior.