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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Spreadman, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. In order of install:

    K&N air filter removed air silencer @ same time:
    replaced paper air filter with approx. 15k the car and it seemed to rev faster, especially in upper rpms and gave a nice air intake noise from under the hood.

    Steeda Tri Ax:
    Excellent shifter. Shorter throws, wrapped electrical tape around the base shifter between the upper handle to eliminate transmission noise that was directly being generated after install. The tape works great.

    Bassani X with cats:
    My favorite mod as it not only did it noticibly increase hp&tq, but made a nice sounding stock stang into something of beauty (to my ears anyway). Louder than stock, but certainly not loud. Not drone with stock catback.

    Bullitt suspension kit (includes springs/shocks/struts):
    My second favorite mod as it transformed my stang from a softly sprung, pretender into a real handler. I never liked the stock variable rate springs, because it initially was too soft, upon further compression then would hold up. The Bullitt kit is specific rate springs with tokico OEM shocks/struts. No more brake dive, handles much better with no more leaning in the corners. I wish it would have dropped further in front by another 1/4" or so, but other than that, happy with the kit. Maybe I'd go with Steeda next time as the specs are right on with the Bullitt, but with more front drop.

    Densecharger TB tube:
    Gets rid of the stock waffle tube underhood improving looks, with the stock three turns and replaces it with a single turn into the MAF. Performance wise, felt better throttle response similiar to adding the K&N and similiar intake noise improvement as well.

    Wheel Adapters for the rear:
    These are AIM 1.25" wheel adapters - not just spacers as they come with thier own lugs. You properly torque them down on to your hub and then bolt your rims to it. I can highly recommended these if your staying with the stock rims. Brings the rear wheels flush with the fender even with stock sized tires, gettiing rid of the pinched in look of a stock SN95. Added bonus of percieved better handling with a wider rear track.

    '02 PI cams:
    Felt a similiar gain to the X-pipe, but install was for me approx. 15 hours over a weekend was much longer than the x pipe - a 2 hour job. Not a trivial installation, but worth the effort.

    End of all this my car dyno'd at SAE corrected :) 218 hp / 281 tq.
  2. 2003 Silver GT Premium

    Hooker LT Header
    Flowmaster 2 chamber

    I love this car!

    Not sure what to do next.

    Maybe u/d pullies
  3. 02 Gt 5 speed

    OK, here's my mods with the numbers to back them up.

    K&N drop in filter
    First mod I did, install was 5 min. picked up 2.2 hp at the wheels

    Flowmaster 40 series 2 chambers
    Next mod, along with K&N, they dyno'd out to the tune of 9.7 hp to the wheels, plus you can never beat them at WOT. They scream.

    Pro-5.0 shifter
    What is there to say here? Install was a snap and how can you dyno a shifter? HAHA. Anywho I love the positive feel and the shorter throw.

    Many other parts are laying in the shop.......I just have to get customers cars outta the way and have the nerve and time to play with mine!


    Unstable Racing of Oklahoma
  4. add on mods

    Ok, update! To those of you that think taking the air silencer off is just BS.

    Removed air silencer today and threw it on the dyno with the mods I previously stated and netted a 1.8 HP AVERAGE increase across the 1500-6500 RPM scale. Hey guys thats almost 2 HP at the wheels for free. Usually stuff like this is worthless to most of us, but come on you cant tell me u cant take 5 min to get 2hp for free! :hail2: Easiest mod that has done anything to date!
  5. Well, I have 4.10's at the house, waiting installation.

    I'll post results.

    REmoving the front sway bar did more than expected though :)

    60' from consistent 2.3-2.4 to consistent 2.0-2.1


  6. I just put mine back on (after a year w/o it) yesterday. Someone said that you gain hp but lose torque. Does anyone know if this is true? I would like to think that the air silencer brings in cooler air while the car is actually in motion, but what do I know?

    To silence or not to silence?
  7. Seeing that everyone has posted infor about my mods and they are fo r the most part right on, I figured I would just post incase there are any other 1997 GTs that are interested in find an opinion.

    See sig for mods.

    All mods were easy and like the gains even if they we cosmetic.
  8. As of today, I now have FRPP 3.73's and a Diablo Sport Chip :D on top of my Flowmaster 40's, BBK CAI, and Steeda Tri Ax

  9. K&N FIPK: Really easy to install, made a nice "whooshing" sound but I don't know how much, if any, power it added.

    Bassani O/R X-Pipe: Another easy intall. I reused the stock gasket because the car had less than 1000 miles when the exhaust went on :nice:. I definately picked up so power off of this mod and din't lose any bottom end power like some people complain about.The qaulity is second to none, I love Bassani :nice:

    Magnapack Cat-back: Installed it the same day as my X-Pipe. The sound these two parts make is AMAZING. I would never change my exhaust, and I wont have to since they are both made of stainless steel :).

    Pro 5.0 3.90s: The gears by far are the best mod I've done. The car is just so much more reponsive with them and being able to spin 4 gears is cool to. I'd recommend them as a first mod to everyone.

    UPR Blue Thunder Shifter: Feels just like my Tri-Ax in my '88 GT except that it feels a lot more solid. I think its just because the '03 is newer and has the T-3650 in it. Great shifter for a great price though.

    Steeda Aluminum Upper & Lower Control Arms: Car feels great with them, for some reason Im getting a lot more traction with my street tires. I di't think it would be that improved. I would have done them earlier if I knew they'd help this much.

  10. It will still draw the air from the fender without the silencer. The whole in the air box where the silencer once was is right next to the whole in the fenderwell. I dont see where its really going to cause you to loose torque either.
  11. Agreed, ...people that say you need the air silencer to suck in air from the fenderwell, obviously don't understand how an air induction system works.
  12. Maybe I missed it, but has anybody used a C&L inlet tube and MAF????

  13. Conduct a search. Im sure someone on here has.
  14. Steeda Cold Air Intake - I saw a finite Change over 3000rpm's. Install was a snap.

    Steeda High Flow Cat Back Exhaust - I think these puppies are really Borla Exhaust since that's what the box said, fiddled with by Steeda, any hoo Unique sound, no drone but roars if you get on it. Again no real change in the weather.

    I'm new here, 1st post so howdy. :banana:

    Quick questions, I'm new to the car world so to speak and I would like to modify my GT to make it a super sleeper but to keep it as a practical daily driver as well. Any suggestions would be great.

    Also I would really like to S/C my car and was wondering if I should make any mods before S/C it? One more question what are the pro's/con's of say a vortech style S/C vs: a Kenne Bell style S/C? What will produce the most rwhp?

    I apologize for all the questions for my first post but I really would like to to take my car to the next level. If these topics have all ready been addressed please point me in the right direction.


  15. Welcome to the boards!!! For SCing advise just post a new thread about it in the 4.6 Tech section. But the guys in the power adder forum can probably do alot more for ya. Shouldn't be too much to do first, save for the little stuff unless you wanna forge the engine which never hurts. Gluck and again, welcome! :nice:
  16. 2003 Mustang GT 5spd

    Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust
    Sounds great. Can't really tell if there are any gains as I don't have headers or mid-pipe yet, but it sounds great.

    Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
    Great mod. The shifts are so much better now, the throw is much shorter and everything is closer together. Feels great powering through the gears.

    FRPP 4.10s
    Awesome mod. The car pulls SO much harder now. 5th gear is now a power gear. My city mileage remained the same and my highway mileage went down slightly, but the gains are well worth that slight loss in mpg. I am still running the stock tires so traction is limited in 1st gear and launches are a bit harder now, but I quickly learned how to launch on the 245's. I would recommend some Nitto DR's or wider street tires if you go with the 4.10s to get the most out of them.
  17. 1998 Gt

    Dynomax Super Turbo Mufflers - worthless mod. no gains, very little sound improvement.
    Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter - worth more than the stock T-45 transmission. In reality, it just makes you want to buy a performance tranny. Great for cruising though. Loud.
    BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW 275-40-17 tires - much better than stock tires! Better wet and dry traction, also 10.5" wide. Fits 17x8 rims snug. Minor rubbing up front.
    Baer 13" Track Brakes (Front only) - Awesome mod! one of my favorites. If you have braking problems, get these! Spend the money... Fairly easy install.
    DeMolet Densecharger - Felt a little gain from it. Not too much though.
    FRPP King Cobra Clutch (10.5") - really didn't see a difference except a harder clutch pedal.
    Steeda Adjustable Clutch Quadrant and Cable with UPR adjuster - nice inexpensive mod. takes away spongy clutch feel. I opted for the UPR adjuster b/c I heard the Steeda one was crappy. Happy with UPR adjuster.
    :banana: Tremec 3550-TKO transmission :banana: - Throw out your T-45 or 3650! Imagine shifting without wondering if you're gonna blow up your tranny. RECOMMENDED! Also picked up .1 sec. 1/8 mi. with quicker shifts and closer gear ratios. Also the TKO is louder than my O/R x-pipe...
    Steeda Tri-Ax shifter for TKO - I though it couldn't get better than a TKO until I installed Steeda's Tri-Ax on it! Awesome!
    BBK 70mm Throttle Body - picked up .1 second 1/8th mile. Had odd idling problems for about 1000 miles. Had to raise idle to keep it from sticking.
    Moser 31 spline axles, FRPP Trak-Lok 31 spline
    differential, FRPP Aluminum Drive shaft, FRPP 4.10:1
    Ring and Pinion gears, Summit Racing Bearing Kit,
    Brother’s Performance housing seals, TA Aluminum Axle
    Girdle, Redline 75w90 Gear oil, Ford Differential friction
    modifier, 3" axle studs, 23 tooth speedometer gear
    - my rear-end mod to support a future boosted engine. 4.10's are great. Gas milage dropped about 3-4mpg. I can still hit 150mph though! Aluminum D/S took a lot of vibrations out of the new TKO. 3" studs stick out past the center cap. Cut holes in cap!
    Lakewood Driveshaft Loop - $40 mod that could save your undercarriage/car
    Bassani Off-road X-Pipe - Pretty loud. Sounds TERRIBLE with chambered mufflers (Dynomax Super-Turbo). Gained about 1.5 tenths in 1/8 mi. Had to buy MIL eliminators to keep "check engine" light off.
    BF Goodrich Comp T/A Drag Radials 275-50-15 - Needed if you have 4.10 gears. Can't really hook without them. I ran 9.30's (1/8 mi.)without them, and 8.95 (1.8 mi.) with them. Put them on 15" v6 wheels. They bulge a little.
    NGK TR-55 Spark Plugs - Didn't notice any power gains, but felt smoother than crappy Bosch Platinums.
    AutoMeter Shift Light - This is kind of a mod, but it sure helps with drag racing. It allows you to keep your eyes on the ROAD instead of the TACH!
    Bassani After-Cat Exhaust System - This inlcuded everything after the X-pipe. Sounds really nice and LOUD. Absolutely no performance gains for my car. No losses either...
  18. good post Blue 98 GT. :nice: