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  1. I really want to do 4.56's but Im afraid it will be a bit much. I know I want at least 4.30's for sure. If only I had a gear calculator for the 4r70w automatic. :bang:
  2. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and saw this thread so I figured this would be a good place to intro into.

    I have a 1996 Convertible GT Export or in Germany, a Cabrio Mustang GT. I'm not sure exactly what is different ( except all the export stickers on certain fuel and engine parts ) but they seem to run better stock than the stateside counterparts. This is how the scene went: German Politie, "Why are you going so fast?!" American servicemember, "Isn't this the autobahn?" GP, "This is a speed restricted area!!" Me, "ooops." Apparently I was doing 245kph through an 80kph zone or just about 152mph. Not good, especially when the guys on base recieve the citation to foward to my First Seargent ( but that's another story ). Anyway, I know of a 96 and 97 that have also done 150 and my friend Mike who did 164 in his 96 Cobra. I'm back in the states stationed in North Carolina now and keeping the speeds to a more rush hour friendly tempo. But here is how the mods go:

    K&N Filter: Of course. You should have seen my German landlord freak when I started taking apart the intake on a then new car. Can't do that with Mercs and Bimmers or the company voids everything and maint, gets really expensive.

    MAC Cold Air Intake: Into the fenderwell

    B&M Ripper: Easy to install and it's worked great; positive feel; no complaints

    Saleen Suspension: springs, struts, shocks, quads, front sway bar, offset rack bushings, and rear lower control arms ( recently upgraded to Saleen N2 ) excellent feel ( especialy on the bahn ) and straight foward install.

    Kenny Brown Subframe w/seat reinforced crossbar: No more front to back twostep on quick turns. Chassis more solid on all road surfaces

    Front Bullit Calipers: More pistons=better stopping

    13" Power Slot Rotors and Braided Front Hoses: Learned a good lesson once, the faster you go, the faster you will need to stop. Upgrade those brakes!

    FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft: Less rotating weight is always a good thing

    FRPP 3:55 Gears: Quicker into the powerband than stock but not as gas consuming on the long drives. Been all over Europe and out to Cali. twice and still got 27-30mpg on the highway.

    Flowmaster 3 Chambers: Nice sound and easy to install but am planning to put a Bassani X with a Borla Catback next year

    Steeda Pullies and Timing Adjuster: Once again a quick and easy install; set to 14 degrees

    Steeda Strut Tower Bar: A vert can never have enough in chassis stength

    Weld Racing Wheels: 3 pc Magnums 18x8 front, 18x9.5 back

    Michelin Pilots: 245x40x18 front, 275x35x18 back

    Other Stuff but not really a mod: T/A Diff. cover, CDC light bar, Saleen Tonneau cover and S281 rear wing, Alpine deck and carbon fiber trim pieces.

    Other noteables: I've also driven the Nurhenburgring ( The Ring ) where suspension is a must! Also brakes, MUST have BIGGER BRAKES, Alcon, SSB, Bremo, anything! I"ve been on the F-1 track in Spa Belgium as well. It's like diving through the country only at really coool speeds.

    Gotta Go
  3. 1998 Gt

    MAC CAI-Nice, good looking mod. I got the throttle body to fenderwell model, and was very pleased with the looks. I will probably go with the Steeda soon, though.

    MAC PULLIES-Decent, again I will probably upgrade to Steeda, so I can use their timing adjuster. Paid a shop to put them on...that was stupid. :nonono: We put a set on my friends 91 5.0 and I felt like an idiot after seeing how easy it was. It was a 5.0, though...

    BBK THROTTLE BODY-I got the 70mm. This was my first mod. I didn't really feel any increase from it, but it had to do something. Got a lot of stickers with it... :D

    MAGNAFLOW CATBACK-Probably my best mod to date. Very happy with the sound and power increase. Nice and subtle while cruising but sounds really nice under acceleration.

    STEEDA Tri-AX- :nice: I love this shifter. Good, solid shifts and a very nice 2-3. My stock knob didn't really line up so I just got the Steeda knob too.

    Overall, with my extremely extensive list of mods here, I didn't really notice too much increase on my car. Well, maybe a little. I dyno'd it a few weeks ago, and the results were greater than I anticipated. I was expecting MAYBE 200 RWHP, but the dyno showed 218. I was very pleased.
  4. I know i'm a little late chimming into this thread but i had to find a lot of time.

    List in order of mods.

    Flowmaster three chamber catback - gave me a little rumble with the stock h pipe. Wished I had gotten the two chambers.

    Superchip - Wished I had waited til I had more mods, but thats what I get for listening to my friends. Gave me a little more power by the SOTP meter. Rev limits were gone and speed limiter was gone which is nice when racing.

    Eibach Sportlines - The 4x4 look had to go. Lost some traction, but it was worth it for the looks. Handles nice around corners.

    MAC Prochamber - Did this more for the sound, but actually gained a lot of power, think I lost a little torque, which I could have spared. Sounds amazing, but hits on everything, and it's definately not stainless.

    Steeda MILS - got these with prochamber, a must.

    Nitto 275/40/17s - Had to have these. Much more traction, and they look sic from the back with the 2" springs. Going to go with DRs in the back next set.

    Steeda underdrive pulleys - Lots more paower and torque throughout the power band, definately one of the best mods.

    BBK CAI - Um well thought it was good for my car to have the intake go to the fenderwell, but after having some problems with idling, and learning that the MAF doesn't like "sideways" air, going to go with one in the engine bay next.

    Welded in @ chamer Flows - Welded these into the exsisting Flowmnaster catback setup. Got tired of being the quite stang on the block. Now it's finally loud as hell.

    KIng Cobra Clutch - Nice feel, grabs harder, self explanitory

    Steeda ajustable clutch kit - This kit includes cable, quadrant, and firewall adjuster, a must have for any aftermarket clutch. Nice to be able to adjust the clutch points.

    Ford 3.73 gears - Got these kinda recently, and man I should have gotten this sooner. But I plan on going with the KB soon so I shyed away from the 4.10s, but if I was staying N/A i would have done 4.10s.

    DiabloSport Predator - On order. Finally after waiting forever for this thing to come out. I can finally get rid of my crappy Superchip and "tune" myself. Will be here monday.

    Also on order - 10th Anniversary Cobra wheels, can't wait to get these on the ride. Wondering if I could fit a 315 DR on them? Anybody know?

    Hope these things helped some people out. I'm also getting the Steeda full length subs, and LCAs soon, along with a Pro 5.0 shifter.
  5. Steeda Tri-Ax - Do I need to say how nice this baby is once more? :nice:

    BBK LT Headers - Very nice quality. I dropped the K-member. EGR tube; however, did not fit quite well.

    BBK Shorty X-pipe - Perfectly matches the BBK LT. looks great!

    Magnapack Cat-back - speechless :nice:
  6. 1999 Cobravert

    Bassani X-Pipe, K&N Filter, 3.73:1 rear,
    Cobra R wheels with 275/35/18 Bridgestone Potenza SO-3's,
    Kenny Brown Signature Series Full Matrix Suspension,
    Steeda Triax, Diablo chip. Rear Seat delete,
    Piper Motorsports Custom Roll bar, Schroth Harness,

    The KB suspension with Bilsteins, sport springs, IRS torque brace, IRS rear steer kit, camber/caster plates, strut tower brace, k-member brace, jacking rails, full length subs, matrix braces in between, etc. has been an amazing difference. Not cheap but well worth it.

    Diablo made a little difference. but not much.

    love the 3.73 as the 4.10 I tried was too short for road use.

    Bassani was a good boost and sounds nice.

    dynoed at 300 rwhp 315 ft/lbs torque
  7. Very stupid to go that fast on the highway :nonono:
  8. ill chime in.

    dr gas off road X - pricey but well worth it. sounds amazing, ive had so many compliments. good sotp increase.

    2 chamber flomasters - welded in, sounds great combined with the dr gas x, my favorite sound ever from a car except for a kb cobra. a lot of people will say to not use a x pipe with a chambered muffler but i love it. not raspy and pop corn sounding either.

    frpp 3.73s - feels much stronger though i wish i had gotten 4.10s.

    thats it for now, im broke.
  9. 2002 Gt

    K&N FIPK - seemed to increase throttle response a little. Sounds nice :shrug:

    Steeda Triax Shifter - can't say enough about this shifter. What a huge difference from stock.

    Magnaflow Magnapacks - :D I love these things. True muscle car sound.

    Two more and I'm done...

    1. Magnaflow catted X-pipe - to finish the exhaust.
    2. Eibach Pro-Kit w/ some Bilsteins - improve the handling.

  10. Fully agree :nonono:

    My 4.10's actually help me avoid tickets on the highway and interstate, b/c it is alot easier to cruise at decent speeds IMO.......and i don't like cruising at 3,000 all the time :p

    But, I got 2 new additions for the thread.....

    I installed a Walbro 255 in my car, and I'd advise anyone who is looking into a fuel pump to get a Chicane style (Focus, Cobra, etc..) I just had toooo many problems w/ the just sits around while my stocker gets me everywhere now.

    Also, I installed a TFS Upper Intake Plenum. Install was easy enough, and it looks great. There is a lil SOTP gains, and the Plenums have been shown to give a solid 5-10 RWHP and Tq. gains.

  11. New to the Forum

    Hi all, we are new to the forum. My 2000 GT conv. and I that is. Hope to see you on the freeway. Current mods in sig.
  12. FRPP 4.10's I like them just fine. Great freeway gear for an automatic. It's easy to shift gears with the throttle (OD <-> 3 <-> 2).

    The mods in my sig are a good combo for someone wanting to spend $2000.00 parts + labor. There are no guarantees on your timeslip, but it will definately make your Stang more fun to drive.

    I need a suspension now, and front brake/disk upgrade. I will post again after I've had a year or so on them. This thread has gone forever, cool.
  13. Excellent Thread

    Hey everyone...I'm new here, and I think this is probably the best thread I've come across yet. Anyway, here are a few of my mods and my comments:

    Eibach Pro Kit- It was hard to notice the actual drop that these springs gave me so I ran to the dealership and parked next to a stock stang to compare. It did give me about an inch. However, I am experiencing a sag on the drivers side (maybe I should lose weight:) of a little under 1/4". Handling was improved and ride slightly stiffened.

    Steeda Tri Ax- Excellent mod that I highly recommend. I'm experiencing the same problems as everyone else with my tranny shifting hard into 2nd, but I'm dealing with it.

    3.73 Gears- Best mod I've done to date. Felt like a different car. Going into it I wanted to get 4.10's, but I chickened out. Next thursday the 3.73's are coming out and 4.10's are going in.

    MAC CAI- Nice Looking and wothless. Basically changed the intake sound and really didn't add any power I could feel. Install was very easy though.

    MAC White Faced Gauges- Look great, but these are replacement gauges, not overlay's, so getting the needles to line back up was a major pain. I took digital photo's of the dash when the car was at operating temp, and at 80 mph so I could get the needles to line up correctly. After a trip down the freeway with my roommate driving next to me, everything was good. They are a bit hard to read at night though, but once again, I didn't by the stang for ergonomics and comfort!

    As mentioned before, the 4.10s are going in on Thursday, along with Bassani Cat Back exhaust. I'll update on those next weekend! Thanks again for a great thread! :D
  14. 2003 GT 5sp

    Eibach Prokit:
    Great mod. Makes the car look and handle much better. Its a bit of an install so be prepared to really do some work. The quality is great and i love the stiffer feeling of the springs.

    K & N FIPK:
    WTF? the best part about this is the K & N Filter. No SOTP gains at all. Oh well, live and learn.

    C & L Plenum:
    :nice: Great mod, noticeable SOTP gains, well constructed, and only 30 minutes to install. Can't wait to see how it pairs up with the Accufab TB

    Steeda Tri-Ax:
    Best mod yet! I LOVE how it feels. I have it set to the lowest setting and the handle on the left side of the arm. Its a bit notchy but to me that is so cool. I can flick my wrist and it has shifted gears! Quality is top notch, its all billet aluminum. Only 35 minutes to put in, and everyone should get one.

    Mach 1 Chin Spoiler:
    20 minutes. great looking piece. great price from Highly recommended to everyone with the stock bumper. I'll be checking the screws periodically to ensure a proper tight fit.

    Accufab 75mm Throttle Body:
    Looks great, its a breeze to install, and when coupled with the C & L Plenum, produces some very noticeable SOTP gains. I bought it from Ronnie Diaz.
  15. 2000 GT 5sp (N. Dallas, TX)
    I'm getting a MAC T/A and I'd like some feedback on instal, setting and benefits. Anyone who has put one on, please feel free to reply, PM, e-mail, etc. Thanks in advance...

    MODS Done:
    All parts are MAC:
    Short Shifter:
    Love it...simple to instal and love the feal. Very short!
    Throttle Body: I think this will be more noticeable with an Accufab Plenum, but instaled together with...
    Cold Air Induction: Sounds great, runs perfect and I can tell there is more power. Together with Darkwolf mod this rocks. Putting the filter on is a bit cramped, but relatively strait forward.

    To Be Done:
    MAC Cat-Back 2.5" comes in tomorrow, MAC timing adjuster, Accufab Plenum, MAC high-flow "H" pipe with cats, after market cams, injectors(size?), in tank pump(psi?), fuel regulator & Procharger P-1SC(eventually)
  16. 97GT, Automatic-
    In order of installing::
    K&N Home made CAI - Used heat ducting and original modiffied snorkel, Left the filter in stock position - Felt a little bottom end boost and high end.

    Upper intake P&P - Did not feel a thing. Maybe complimented the above.

    The Resistor e-bay "chip" - It actually felt like it gave me some throttle response not huge but noticeable at the low end. Believe it or not? It is said to work better for Automatic cars.

    Jerry Mod- Huge! A 215hp Stang getting hard second gear (10ft, of rubber) however civil driving easy. All Auto owners must do this! Use the Mild drill specs on the Separator plate. Use the agressive Accumulator 300hp. spring setup. 1&2 Blue spring upper, deleted the lower spring. 2&3 No springs.

    MAC o/r H - Best power mod to date. Will now light 1st all the way through except right before it shifts. Power in all ranges too. Must do! Use a propane torch and heat up the bolts and lots off nut buster spray. Old trick to get rusty or uncooperative nuts and bolts off

    March Underdrive Pulleys- Good Low end torque gain. Seems to rev easier as well in the mids too.
  17. spiralmax

    does is work and if so what are the gains
  18. buy it. you'll love it
  19. Nice Arnolds97!

    "Jerry Mod- Huge! A 215hp Stang getting hard second gear (10ft, of rubber) however civil driving easy. All Auto owners must do this! Use the Mild drill specs on the Separator plate. Use the agressive Accumulator 300hp. spring setup. 1&2 Blue spring upper, deleted the lower spring. 2&3 No springs."

    I get the same results from my chip, it's nice to know Jerry's Mod will work as a similar mod that I can do when I have to rebuild this Trany:))

    I've tried different rubber, but keep roasting 1st and 2nd, leaving four stripes at will, even with the Nitto's. I'm hoping I can plant them with a suspension upgrade since I can't do a 7-second burnout at intersections :bang:

    Flashing that converter is gyroscope NASTY, eh?
  20. 96GT Conv. Auto

    <B>Cobra RR hood </B> I love this hood. I think its one of the best you can get for the 94-98 body style.<BR><B>Smoke Cobra Headlights</B>These definately will change the look of the car.<BR><B>Cervinis stalker front bumper</B>This is my favorite front of all years. It makes the car look so mean<BR><BR>All of these mods came after i had a lil incident with a deer lol.