35th Anniv Modification

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 99STEEDAGT, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. I've noticed that the people who actually read and post in the 35th section have some modifications done to they're cars. I do also, but in the long run do you think it will hurt the value of our cars?
  2. yeah it usually does just b/c when someone is looking to buy a new car they may not like everything you have done to it and plus it sends the signal that you may have driven the car into the ground.
  3. I disagree.The average mustang enthusiast who would buy an 35th ann.ed. knows that the car is not a true collectable like say a shelby 65-70 or a one year production vehicle like a 87 grand national GNX.It is fair to say that over 95% of mustang owners '' modify'' there vehicles.From changing the wheels to installing a supercharger, I doubt any mod is going to ''hurt'' the value of a 35th ann. ed. car.My 35th silver vert has mods and has 16k original miles and is absolutly perfect.Take a car exactly the same as mine sans the mods and the ''value'' of the car most likely would be the same.Remember a cars value is directly related to how much one would pay for it.Drive and mod your 35th :D