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  1. My friend is looking to purchase a Mustang and we went and looked at a few today. He liked a 93 LX that we saw. It has 112,000 miles on it but has a rebuilt engine with 20,000 miles on it. It has a gt40 intake and exhaust with no cats and cut outs. it also has a cam and 3.73's. I believe it has a different throttle body and possibly some headers. It also has a cowl hood. The guy is asking $7,000. I know this is pretty high for a fox but it is fairly clean the body has no rust but has a few little dings and paint chips. The interior is pretty good. Around the Chicago area it is hard to find clean nice ones for a decent price. How much do you think it is worth? Also what kind of rwhp can we expect from this Mustang? Im thinking we will offer him $6,000 for it.
  2. 230 hp, I'd buy it for $6,000-$6,500 because it has a new motor... Nice lx's are going for quite a bit these days. Heck I might even go $7,000 on the right day.
  3. Thanks strype, but you think it really only has 230? I think there may be more things done to it but from what I know I thought like 250?
  4. You get what you pay for.
  5. I say take a vacation and a truck and open trailer and head south trust me it works and I live in the chicago area so I know what your going

  6. I would ask him for all the recipts from the rebuild so you know exactly whats in that motor.
  7. Yea its a dealer that specializes in Mustangs so I doubt they did the work since it has 20k miles on the engine. I think if we brought $5000 cash he would take it.
  8. 5,000 Id do it, definitally not 7,000.

    I got my 93 LX with 6 pony wheels (2 studded snow tires) all work done at the dealer with paper work to proove it, 72,000 miles BONE BONE STOCK for 5,800.
  9. Nice I will keep that in mind when we go to pic it up.
  10. whats up, I might buy this if he will take $5000 cash in hand. The only problem is that I need to ask him some more questions, take a test drive, and sell the car i have now......ehhh any way I think when we were talking to him he said it had gt-40 heads on it also.

    It's not in perfect shap but for it being a 14 year old car, I think it looked pretty good. I could see the the intake, it looked grey, and it was tubular like headers? I'm new to the mustang world so I have no Idea what to expect but I can only hope for a good outcome. just going to put this out there....but what could I expect in the 1/4 with this? all those things added with say just the gt-40 intake, gt-40 heads, and a small some heavy porting and a big bump stick? I know there are a lot of things that matter but I just want a low side/high side rwhp numbers. How about slicks and great driving?

  11. high 12's on slicks mayne 12.7 with some real good driving
  12. When I was looking for a fox, as soon as I saw the words rebuilt motor I went to the next one. I would be extremely hesitant of buying a car with a rebuilt motor, just because you don't know what kind of jackass pulled the motor and did the rebuild. Or, why on earth a stock 5.0 needed a rebuild at 80k miles. I never understood why there are so many of these cars out there with stock "rebuilt" engines. It's nearly impossible to break them when they're stock. I wouldn't expect to do a rebuild on a stock one until over 150k miles. I bought my '88 LX hatch in August bone stock with 37k miles in immaculate condition for $5800. The best advice I can give you is don't buy a car just to have it, wait till you find the one that you know is yours. I looked for 2 years until I found what I wanted. I wouldn't pay $5k for that car, but that's just me, and maybe the market is a little different around here. More pics of the car/interior/engine bay will help decide what it's worth. A test drive will tell you a lot as well.
  13. Where in chicago is that car I'll go look @ it for you if want let me know looks like it's in kankakee :shrug:

    let me know

  14. Thanks for the offer but im thinking it is pretty far from you. It is north of Chicago in Mchenry county.