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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by dodgestang, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. I have been a heavy contributor on other forums around the internet and decided to finally join up here at Stang Net as well.

    For the last several months I have been compiling tire and wheel combinations and tracking modifications made to the cars as well to develop the most comprehensive list of combinations that fit based on mods anywhere.

    The dbase is growing quite nicely thanks to the efforts of many on various forums who took the 30 seconds to ship me off the info on their tires, wheels, brakes, suspension, and other mods. If you can, please take a moment to check your records and input your combo. The form is here:

    So far the 65-6 owners have really stepped up I feel that the chart can be used to positively answer 'most' of the fit questions that come up regarding this rim and that size with this drop or that brake.

    Take at look and feel free to bookmark them. The URLs on these PDFs will not be changing. Every update is made right to the file keeping the same name so they will be there when you need to reference them.

    65-6 Fitment Guide 65-6.pdf

    67-8 Fitment Guide 67-8.pdf

    69-70 Fitment Guide 69-70.pdf

    71-73 Fitment Guide 71-73.pdf

    So far the 71-73 owners have been the quite absent and I only received very few usable submission....remember tire size, back spacing, suspension set up, fender status, and brakes are important.

    I do not include a combination on the chart if I do not get all the information because it would be useless then.....just cause a 295 fits on you 70 doesn't mean it will fot for someone else unless than can check how many leafs, what brakes, etc....

    Thanks all.
  2. yowzers
  3. Wow! Good stuff there man.

    We've needed this kind of comprehensive research.

    Welcome aboard! Nice site btw too. :nice:
  4. If someone would be nice enough to donate some latemodel 16x8 pony rims I'll gladly slap um on my 73 stang and let you know how they fit. :D
  5. I have a 1967 Coupe with American Racing S-200 rims 15x7 with 3 3/4" backspacing.

    With 225/60/15 tires all four tires RUB!!!! I swapped out the front tires to 195/60/15 and they are good now.

    I have cut the rear lip of fenders 1/4" and STILL GET RUB!!!

    American Racing Rims have CRAPPY backspacing!!!!
  6. That seems inconceivable.
    You didn't mention anything about the suspension.
    I have people runing 235s on 15x7 with 3.75 with no problems in the rear on 67s. Did you rebuild the suspension? Add a lot of drop? or are you on running on a 34 yr set of springs? Did you add disc brakes? Did some one add 2.5 inch drums in the rear before you got the car? Did someone put a wider 9 inch in it at some point? Do you have replacement quarters on the car? I understand the 225 rubbing in the front, and you should have been able to roll the fenders to cure that, but in the rear there is something wrong IMO and its not the American Racing rim.

    There are soooo many variables to consider.
  7. Just wanted to say welcome dodgestang, It's refreshing to see a new comer contributing right out of the gate, as opposed to say starting with a "hi my car is for sale" thread as so many do. I look forward to reading thru your data in the near future.

    By the way, nice choice in Avatar's. :nice:
  8. Hey its my good twin brother...(I'm the evil one :nice: )....and I pulled the same image from the web to make my animation with ;)

    Here's the one I made for my real life older bro ;)

    Anyone see a theme? :D

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  9. dodgestang, It's great to see you on these forums! I've referenced your Wheel and tire chart many times on these forums, along with championing and referring your 351C swap into 65-66 stangs. It's nice to see you on here too! Just make sure you stay out of the closet and the gutter for the first couple weeks, there's a bunch of strang critters in there.

  10. :lol: Do I come with a reputation :shrug: :rlaugh: :D :nonono: :banana: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    hehe just kidding that I am 'laid off' I find myself with more free time to cruise the internet. As with most things in life, I am always ready to be wrong and take corrections in stride :)

    Life's too short to be mad at a computer screen.

  11. hahahaha :D :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: we warn all 'newbies' about the closet and gutter crew that was notorious about wacky thread hijackings (some as long as 25 pages or so before being shut down).

    We haven't done any lately ... well actually since i became a moderator now that i think about it. :scratch: :shrug:

    BTW I'm oboebrian_az on VMF with the blue 65 coupe and the red 72 coupe sig pict that posts a lot of the tech write-ups on VMF.

    Here's a link to the history of the closet/gutter:

    If you want some laughs just do a searching the classics forum for closet and start reading :D

    I hope you find a job soon. How's things going on that AOD?
  12. BTW I think i can nominate you as the SN Post whore of the month ;) :D

    Quote from your profile:

    "Total Posts 23 (12.12 posts per day)"

    The only other SN member that has come close to this is GBM! ;)

    :jester: Just joking with you man, I'm glad you're on here! :nice:
  13. Only 12.12...hmmmm I'm off...I'll have to read some more ;)

    as for the AOD....I must have the patience of a saint cause my guy still hasn't torn it apart :( he managed to drop it out of the car last week but since then all its done was get moved to the work bench....the manufacture ducked out pretty much saying that I must have broke it when I installed the governer they sent me and told me to it looks like I will be paying the freight...again....for a manufacture screw up. :bang:

  14. Oh man... the headaches! You are just not having any luck with this car. First the stroker needing rebuilt again then the new tranny going. Wow, you really shouldn't of let midlife near your car! :D (the same type of curse on these forums are called the GBM-Gingerbreadman Curse that was running rampat all over the country and world last summer)
  15. Yeah....since the first trak lok didn't work and I had to rebuild that as well....I fully expect either the axles to snap or the 9 inch case to break after the trannny is fixed and then followed with the aluminum drive shft twisting....that way I can say I did the whole the drive train twice :(
  16. Heh heh, I don't know about that, it may be a case of two evil brothers unless you are the good one. I have the goatee to prove I'm the evil twin, how'z about you?

    Hopefully you are not as obsessed as I am with it though, well, maybe that isn't the right word, big fan is more like it. I have the first all episode edition library ever sold, my office is filled with action figures and what not, hell my email is even OK, maybe obsessed wasn't far off.

    The funny thing is that I have been wanting to animate the wheel on my avatar for a while, guess I'll have to try and one up you now. heh heh. :D I used this one for a long time before switching last year to the current one. (edit: crap, file size too big :( ) By the way, I have an excellent home made desktop theme for windows too if you are interested.

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  17. Two evil brothers...maybe we are triplets and the good one is somewhere else..I have a Goatee too ;)

    As for can have it....I'm just Anime obsessed....not specific to one title ;)
  18. Cool, me too actually. Just about any anime or cartoon is fine by me so long as it isn't lame like much of the new stuff can be.

    The only other stuff I collect from my chidhood besides Speed though is from this series Force Five. I mean, you gotta draw the line somewhere, and this stuff is a real challenge to come by unlike say Transformers or Gundam. Fortunately my job finds me in Asia for about 10 to 12 weeks a year so I usually score big time then.
  19. hehe - I still have all five lions that form voltron in a box somewhere :)
  20. Nerd Alert!

    (Says the guy with a tallking Yoda staring him down at the computer desk) :D