Modified Tire and Wheel Chart - Dozy of a first post

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by dodgestang, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. OMG! Two grown men obsessed by anime on a mustang forum! Oh the humanity!!

    j/k I never could get into anime, I only watched it because my ex-gf loved it and would make me watch a couple shows with her before going into the bed room for some whip cream adventures (which more than made up for the hour or so of anime).

    HAHAHA :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :D You crack me up!

    BTW in honor of our 'newbie' dodgestang I officially decare this thread


    Carry on! :D
  2. Can you really call a thread hijacked when its orignator helped?

  3. Of course! How do you think I got started in this business? ;) hehehe :D
  4. HijackStories.jpg

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  5. dodgestang - Welcome, and thanks for the chart! That's awesome!
  6. :lol: Mmmmm, mmmmph, sh:t you must kick if texan you want to be, mmmmm yes.

    Ummm, oboe, I would never question your athoritaaaay, but do whip cream adventures qualify under "family site" guidelines? :rolleyes: I do agree though, for someone who doesn't like it, an hour or so of anime is certainly worth that 15 seconds in the sack. :p

    Hyjack or not though, you are right, this is not the place for private convo's.................unless of course we can combine the two.

    OK, so let's talk Gunsmith cats then, heh heh. Two partially naked female dectives running around Tokyo in a very sharp 67' GT500 no less. One of the other characters even has a Cobra. Even you oboe could appreciate that combo could you not? In a world of ricers taking over our country, the Japanese even recognize a real beautiful cvar when they see one. ;)
  7. Wow It;s been like a year since I've been in here and I still don't have a clue what Pakrat is talking about. Anime? Isn't this a mustang board? How about you anime your upper control arms down an inch and give corpse his plate back, buddy!!! That's what you should anime!!!!!! :fuss: :chair: :jester:
  8. Welcome to the party Dodgestang.
    As you know I've already submitted my wheel combo :banana:
  9. Thanks for the Quickie, :rlaugh:
    Filled out your form.

    Welcome to the forum.

  10. Ahem, yeah, um, welcome back. :rolleyes:

    :lol: This from the guy who took how long to send me the plates after he was done? Aparantly you have already forgotten the agreement. Corpse does not want them back, he wants the last user to be in possesion until the next user comes along that needs them. :p I'll give you one warning Clev, don't make me pull out the Klingon Convention photo's again. ;) :D :nice: