Modified V6 Mustangs......Street Scenes Kits

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  1. Check out these V6 Mustangs with Street Scene Kits. I think they look real good.
    But once again, I expect more "why would someone hook up/waste money on a V6" comments.
  2. Heres some more.
  3. and another.
  4. cool pics. Where did you get them from?

  5. street scenes website.
  6. blee blee,

    I love the torch red one.. :) Looking into something like that myself....

    So not Hater comments from me.... Going to street scenes right now.. Thanks..

  7. Why would someone hook up/waste money on a V6? :confused:
  8. Mu ta g, :lol:
    I do think tha those are sweet lookin rides
    Just enough, but not too much.
  9. Because i don't want to pay 500 bucks a month for a car i will not drive daily?

    Its either get a mustang v6, or nothing.
  10. That is an assinine comment. :notnice:

    I have a V6 too, IN MY MINI-VAN!! :rlaugh:
  11. cant bnash it even though it is a v-6, i'd rather put the money into the initial purchase with the v-8, but it looks so sweet with the new body style that im glad to see you cashing in on how cool it is....nice touch man!

  12. the fact that you own a MINI-VAN disqualifies you from judging other peoples cars.......
    your what I call an MVI........Mini Van Idiot....... :rlaugh: :lol: :banana: :stupid: :D
  13. Why thanks BleeBlee, your not so bad after all. I think your alright. :nice:
  14. You do realize there are V6 mini vans who could keep up with the 6, right?

    Anyway, I just posted that one question to make fun of you, 'cause you said you expected it.
  15. :rlaugh:
  16. nice pix a bit what you can do with V6s.
  17. If he doesn't acknowledge that, it can't be true. Denial, denial, denial.....
  18. umm no they cant!! why do you have to hate on the V-6s??? Uncool!! very unfreakin' cool!! why cant you accept that not everyone has the desire to drive a over 300hp vehicle?? Why does a Mustang have to be a GT in order to qualify as a Mustang in your eyes??????? Whats up with that?? I dont get it at all!!
  19. those look amazing!! Nice very nice!!!
  20. Its almost like older stangers saying the new modular mustangs aren't true mustangs because they don't have five liters or have pushrods.