Modified V6 Mustangs......Street Scenes Kits

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  1. Item one UGLY!
    Item two ****ING UGLY!
    Item three GAY!

    I don't care if it is a v6 or a GT or a Cobra those are some lame looking kits. :thumbsdown:
  2. Sgt Redline
    take it from another Sgt
    your smoking crack.

    Sgt J USMC
  3. You're ALL smoking crack...nice looking kits, though. I agree, need bigger pics.

    -former USAF Sgt
  4. US Army Sgt

    Ass ugly, no way around it.
  5. Those are the street scene kits
    the best kit for the 05, besides the boy racer.....your the first and only person that doesnt like them.
  6. Not entirely true, simply the first person to post about it. I have to agree with RedLine about the looks of the kit, but hey, it's all personal preference.
  7. If you like it, run with it. I personally think it looks like ****. Something you would see on an unpainted Civic. The only thing I like is the quarter panel window delete intake. It too is a ricey fake scoop but looks like it fits on the 'fastback' feel of the new '05s. The rest of the kit is horrid!

  8. Sgt Redline,

    $11,700 for a burned V-6. LOL..... Yeah Right!..... and was the "body kit this one ladies" a general derrogatory comment or was it specifically directed at us "ladies"?

    Just curious.

  9. Hey, chick! Sorry to barge, but I think he was being facetious w/his "ladies" reference. The tone of this thread led me to this conclusion.

    And now, more important, :OT: stuff:
    Ready for Cinco de Mayo? A fine opportunity to enjoy a the ole' tequilita! :)

    Oh and did you ever put louvers on your stang? If so, pic's, please!
  10. Hey Jade,

    I reread the entire thread and then figured yes, perhaps he was being funny....Sorry Sarge... Jumpin' again....

    And yes Jade... I am oh so ready for a night of heavy tequila drinking.. I am giving my Brother my Digi camera to make sure I don't take any regretful pics and post them here...

    As for the louver..Got the rear one in and on. Avatar shows it... I know it is little. Since I will probably catch hell for ricing the Stang..I didn't post a "lookie what I did" thread. I like the louver. I just got it back from the dealership for the new fuel tank and the guys seemed to like it too. A few said they would paint it. I liked the black since the side skirts are black and all the trim and mirrors are too...I think it flows... My personal preference. I feel like I am "batman" driving it.... Nice and dark... Stealth Jenn... My son loves it. Says the sun isn't burning his head now.... :)

  11. :lol: I hear ya!

    Ahh, rice, schmice....who cares what a bunch of stranger stangers think? It's pretty apparent that there is a wide range of tastes on this board anyhow. And, if your son likes it, well that is what really matters (and you, of course)! Sadly, can't really see it too much in the avatar. And speaking of avatars, like my new avatar? Benicio Del Toro...smoldering Benicio Del Toro!! Time for the women here to have some eye candy for a change! :D

  12. looks like a doggie vs jarhead fight is about to break out!!!! :flag:
  13. A 'stang is a 'stang is a 'stang! Sheesh!! The fact that it starts life with a V-6 in it doesn't means its gonna stay that way forever.

    A new Mustang is like a painters canvas. You build and mod and create something tangible and unique. As I've said many times before, "While its true that a stock V-8 will blow the doors off a stock V-8, its also true that a stock Cobra will blow the doors off a stock V-8.". :owned:

    So if you truly feel the need to bad mouth the V-6 remember that 2006 SVT Cobra owners have the same right to bad mouth your puny V-8's. Why? cuz stock V-8's aren't real 'stangs either... the 2006 SVT Cobra's will likely be a whole lot closer to the real deal we all fanticize about!!! :rlaugh:
  14. Jade,

    Here is a little thumbnail..... I am ordering the blackout panel for the rear as I type this..... LOL..... Close enough to tomorrow for me... Hahahahah...

    Jared (my son) just loves the rear louver. Wait until I box him in with the side ones... LOL.... He will be back there.. "Mom...I can't see anything".... LOL

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  15. Jenn the louvers look good!! too bad your mustang isnt performance white, so i can have an idea of what they would look like on mine!
  16. That blackout panel will tie it together well. The louvers definitely create a meaner look! Hey - thanks for posting those pic's! It looks great. Love that red!!
  17. Thanks Kev and Jade,

    I like it and am happy. After the black out panel, and a little extra $ I am pretty sure I am getting the side 1/4 window louver next. The only problem I am finding is all the ones I like recommend painting. I am not sure if I will like that look...

    I am partial to the upper set pictured in the thumbnail.


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  18. Me too...