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  1. Silly ass body kits are the source of laughter...
  2. EXCON. I am getting it now.
  3. :cheers:
    Just like today's society, all looks no content. Who cares whats inside as long as the boobs are big & fake.
  4. yes I would have fotten a GT if it was the same price etc...
    your 94V-6 is a different monster than the 05 V-6s:
    thought I would post some 1/4 mile numbers and 0-60 numbers from road and tracks april 05 issue.
    car 0-60 1/4mile
    Mustang 6.8seconds [email protected]
    Tiburon 7.6seconds [email protected]
    Crossfire 6.7seconds [email protected]
    PT Turbo 7.2seconds [email protected]
    AccordEXV-6 7.3seconds [email protected]
    AccordEXV-6Coupe 6.3seconds [email protected]
    Mazda 6 8.1seconds [email protected]
    Eclipse GT 7.0seconds [email protected]
    Altima 3.5SE 7.1seconds [email protected]
    Maxima 3.5SE 6.5seconds [email protected]
    Camry XLE V-6 8.7seconds [email protected]
    Solara SE Sport 6.6seconds [email protected]
    Celica GT-S 6.8seconds [email protected]
    Passat GLX 9.2seconds [email protected]
    Acura RL 6.7seconds [email protected]
    Acura TL 6.3seconds [email protected]

    Also remeber this was an automatic V-6, now I know its not the fastest Mustang but it does hold its own! Its not that slow as everyone thinks, but its not a speed demon either.
    I just grow tired of the insults that beseige the V-6 sometimes, do you understand?
  5. also I have to add that I didnt purchase my Mustang to be the king of the track, interested I am not in racing.
    Happy I am to be driving a Mustang once again, as I have had an 80 2.3, and and a 88 5.0.
  6. Nevermind... :shrug:


    Let's let it ride..... Below is a good representation of my dad's 32... I was trying to point out that back in the day..the 50s...they were considered ugly monstrosities as well.

    May I request that you try not to say things like raped, raping, molestation, etc. when referring to vehicle apperance modifications. Many peoples lives have been horrifically altered due to these types of actions and placing that terminology to cars is demeaning to those that have been adversley affected in life by rape and molestation.

    You have the right to your opinion. I must disagree with you in your defense of your postion and behavior though. For about 30 minutes I had a flaming response to you, but, I considered the ramifications of my statements and erased them.


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  7. Nice 32 Rod! I didn’t know the 6 cylinder Street Scene body kit would cause such as stir! To date, the 6 cylinder Street Scene body kit has been very popular and we have added people to our manufacturing department just to keep up with demand. Dealers are putting the kit on at the show room level to move more vehicles and to make them look a little more custom. Along with wheels, it really dresses up the looks of the 6. That’s the great thing about fixing up your car. Everyone likes to have a little individualism. That’s why there are 4 of 5 body kits already on the market for Mustangs. No one what’s exactly the same thing. Where would we be if we all liked the same wheels? As you probably all know, their has been a waiting list for GT's but the 6 cylinders have been fairly easy to buy right off the show room floor. The dealers have been fixing up the 6's with a Street Scene body kit or a competitors kit to help move them off the lot and to add value to the vehicle. Plenty of people just want a retro Mustang and don’t car about the engine size. They just plain like the looks of the car but don’t care as much about the horsepower or being the first person to the next light. What’s wrong with that? Ford has built a car that fits the younger generation and has a vehicle that can finally compete with the rice cars that have been kicking Detroit’s butt. Some can’t afford the insurance of a V8. So what! The older generation likes the new Stang because it reminds them of the Mustang they always wanted as a kid but couldn’t afford. They can now afford one and are buying them up; again, they don’t always want to have a big motor. Everyone on this forum loves their cars. That’s why we are all here. To argue over why fix up a six sounds a bit pompous to me... just my 2 cents- Regards- Mike- Street Scene Equipment…
  8. Mike,

    That you for your comments. As many pointed out, many of us who own the new Mustang are excited about the body kits. As depicted in the picture of the '32 Ford Custom I posted, it really is all about producing a car for each owner that is individualized to their specific likes. I consider the early 50s as the advent of apperance modifications. The chopped Buicks, Fords and Chevies back then were paramount to many of the kits that we can purchase today.

    Advancement in ABS and polymer technology has provided a quick custom look to a vehicle that would have cost thousands of dollars years ago, not to mention a month or two producing it with a custom metal manufacturing shop.

    Manufacturing companies like Street Scene Equipment have targeted a demographic that has purchasing power and the want to alter the vehicle apperance to suit their individual wants. Now, people can purchase a kit and contact a paint shop and within a weekend, stylize their car and feel happy.

    My dad would be amazed if he were still alive.....

    Thanks again for coming into the forum. We usually try to keep it down to a dull roar, but this tends to be a hot topic. I think that acceptance is the key. Many people do not accept that we all have inalienable rights. These are those that cannot be passed onto others.....We also have the right to free speech as long as it does not present a "clear and present danger" or, at least here, is not against a forum rule....

    Thanks again, Mike, I can't wait to get a lower bumper facia on the 05... I feel the need to bring the rear-end a bit lower to the overall dynamical look of the body.... :)

  9. Well stated Jennifer. Its obvious you are proud of your dad and he taught you a lot of lessions including ones about cars. He obviously knew about how to customize a car. Its much easier by todays standards. We have so many choices with off the shelf products. I envy those who had the talent to build every part from scratch. I think its great to debate and have opinions about things. I do get upset when people take it personal and try to put others down for their tastes in custom cars. I get the opportunity to see lots of diffrent styles and tastes and sometimes think to myself- what were they thinking? Or, no one will buy that only to be surprised at the response. We all have diffrent tastes and are free to express them without putting others down about it.
  10. Mike,

    Yep..My pop was a great man. He had his quirks, like we all do, but there was nothing better for me than to stand behind a mill or lathe at the age of 10-14 and help him work parts.

    He built and inspected many aerospace engines that have placed us, today, in a position to have a space and land defense that protects all those rights we have and the things we love. He died for it. The chemicals involved in machining and inspecting heavy metals cause cancer. He knew it, and still loved it until the day he died.

    I enjoyed watching him. He was a brillant man. In his life he customized a 57 Chevy Bel-air, the '32 Ford Custom, a 66 Ranchero and a 55 Ford Custom Step-Side Truck. Having the machining back ground, he did most of the fabrication himself. but he was never at a loss for a little partner. :) I spent many years on a floor crawler with him. Most the time I was his tool hander. Sometimes I was the extra set of hands and always, I was his open book. He taught me so much about engineering. I may not have the mechanical prowess and machining skills that he had, but I learned a lot.

    I have a high respect for all types of engineering, but especially the modulated engineering of today's vehicles.

    I still love the "old school" capability of a carbureator and a fast idel screw. A distributor with a rotor and points.....LOL.... leaf springs and solid axle technology. I find nothing more beautiful than a Weber shining in the sun sitting on a beautiful resto-mod Boss 429... :)

    The greatest thing he gave me was my acceptance of all things I may not understand or agree with and my ability to allow all people the right to be themselves.

  11. What the hell is all this about.
    I dont care that I cant beat some cars in races, I am not a race car driver and never will be. I like my car to look good, I dont go out on the street's trying to race people with my car like some fake race NASCAR wannabe's around here.
    Yes I am young, and I appeal to the new styles and stuff that is out.
    Do I make fun of all the 30 somethings around here that think that cause they have a semi fast car that there some sort of drag street drag racer living a fantasy that will never happen. :nonono:

    face it your not a racer car driver, your Mustang GT is awesome, but just because someone else doesnt have one or couldnt afford one doesnt mean you make fun of them for it, or belittle them for trying to make the best out of what they have.

    Besides I've got alot of more important things to do than pretend I'm a drag racer.
  12. blee blee,

    I thought we all walked away from SAWMAN... LOL..... and ooppppsss He has a Cobra..and it appears it is pulling 455....eeeeekkkkkk... He has a solid sack that I would not come up against... me... I had a flaming post ready early this morning and decided it wasn't worth it... take the high road my friend and just walk away and like you it for the important things in life that actually matter... :)

    Off to the races..... I will see where this is when I get home... Hahahahahaha...



  14. yeah, you know whats funny, I said I wasnt gonna shave my head when I became a DI....but peer pressure is a B****!
  15. No DI yet no hair here either. lol

    And NASCAR sucks!

  16. Whatt????
  17. blee blee....

    Translation... He is not a Drill Instructor, but he doesn't have any hair either...... Laughing Out Loud....

    :) Jenn
  18. Thank you Jenn.

    Always rocking the high and tight.