Modifier's Remourse???

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  1. Hey all,

    Just got done with my black 2012 GT. From stock, I wanted to "mean" up the appearance of the car. I decided to go with the Saleen Grille, the GT/CS front fascia with fog light set up and a set of Brembo wheels of a friend to replace the premiums...and I don't think I like it...

    Will post pictures within the next day or so, I get that will help, but has anyone else modified their cars and wished they'd thought twice? Does it grow on you?

    My biggest problem is the grille. It fit like crap going on and hung over the front headlights. I have to continually push it into place to get it to look right, but it pops back out after 5 or so minutes. That and the plastic it's made of looks miserable in my opinion. Then with the factory grill on, the GT/CS front doesn't look quite right either...

    So what do I do!? I'm thinking I screwed up a perfectly good car. Sure I could put them all back, but then I'm out the money.

    Banging head against wall...damn this hobby
  2. Can you return any of the parts?

    I need to see a picture and then I can give you my honest opinion.

    As far as the Saleen grille, you may need to contact the company you bought it from if it's not fitting right.

    I can certainly understand your frustration, lol I remember being excited when I got my tail light covers, they never stay on right

    Nick C.
  3. What do you do? Install it correctly...

    Sometimes that means deviating from manufacturer's instructions and doing a bit of custom fabrication. If you don't have that capability, then you probably know someone who does. It sounds like you have the hard part completed. All you need to do now is put some custom, finishing touches on it so that it has (at minimum) OEM fit and finish.

    I've always said that mods don't have to be OEM to be awesome. When it's completed though, it should look like it COULD have been OEM.
  4. Alright guys and girls,

    Attached should be the two front shots of the grilles, factory and the saleen. The install went perfect and I could easily modify the grille to make it fit correctly, but to what end? I plain don't like the saleen on my car.

    Second problem, not really sure how i feel about the lower fascia with the gt grille either. I mean, I've only ever instantly loved everything i've done ti the car until now. I don't think it should have to grow on me. The love of the look should be there from the start or its not at all.

    votes on removing it?

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  5. I like the GT grille better. I like the fascia, but I'd lose the fog lights in it. To many fog lights. Brake cooling ducts would be better use of the holes.
  6. I'm going with that plan this weekend. I'll throw the car up on the lift and pull the fog lights out are rewire the grille fogs back. Will repost with pictures
  7. IMG_20131210_203907.jpg

    Of the two... This is the best. :nice:
  8. I like the saleen grill with stock lower myself. With the stock hids I don't see a need for fogs. if go back to the gt grill I agree make the lower holes the coolers. Two sets of fogs is a no go for me.
  9. I like the GT grille personally. Something about how the older Mustangs had the fogs in the grilles, just looks right.
  10. I personally do NOT like the GT fogs in the grill.. They are too big and take away from the looks of the car. OP, it sounds like you have a bad grill as every other saleen grill I've seen fits like a glove and is awesome.

    Here is a pic of my old 12 with an American Muscle Billet grill and CS/lower. LOVED IT.