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  1. What are you guys doing to your cars?

    I put in the M-9603-SVT07 cold air kit, basically making it the KR engine. I put the Shelby engine cap set on and put a cobra fender emblem on the fuse box cover. I got the Shelby cobra headrest covers put on last night.

    What else? I'm thinking about the KR strut tower brace, but $235 for not much of a difference there. The signed dash plaque would be nice, but they raised the price to $400 this year. Ouch! Nice valve stem caps would be a cheap gift for the kids to get me. Maybe those hood struts.. Does anyone know if you can still use the prop rod with them or are they at a diffent height?
  2. u should of gone with the stage 2 kit from JLT, good hp gain for the $$, or maybe some axle backs for the exhaust
  3. Yea but the car is brand new and this way I'm still covered under full warranty. The head of my local Ford dealership told me as long as it is Ford or Ford Racing, it is ok with them, If I put anything else on it he'd slap me upside the head.
  4. my mod list:

    I've done so far: JLT cai, jdm 2.6 pulley and tune, chi lca's, lakewood adj uca, cdc hood lifts, agent57 mirrors, billit fuel cover, ford racing shift lever and ball, GT500 floor mats, color keyed interior upgrade (seats and console lid), shortened antenna, and fender stripes.

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  5. well ford racing still sells some of those perf parts but they r skyyyyyy high compared to the others, as far as exhaust there really is no driver error to break sumthn compared to over boosting or sumthn
  6. The ford racing intake is not bad, but as others have pointed out, there is more performance to had.

    I make a tune and stock-look pulley upgrade package for the frpp kit, lots more power, and the dealer will never now.
  7. hey justin00v6, i was lookin at that high-flow inlet tube, does that work also with the stock blower (along with the bolt on's in my sig) on the gt500?? if so will the tune on it right now be affected or does the tune need to be revised
  8. you mean the silicone one i'm working on? from what i've found, tune is not effected, as long as you are not changing the maf housing.