Mods Completed. Now car is a Dog.

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by DJHA90, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. I just finished installing BBK Longtubes, BBK Shorty H-Pipes, C&L 76mm MAF/True-Flow pipe, and a Performer intake on my 95 GT convertible: Car sounds lopey at idle and is doggy when I get on it. Fuel pressure is set at 40lbs no vac. Timing has never been changed.

    Things to check??
  2. I would check the timing. Could have got whacked after doing those mods. I know mine did.
  3. It's probably a timing issue. Maybe a tooth off or so. Also LT's will make the car run richer due to the O2's down stream. You got some tuning to do. Check for vacuum leaks too. Check some plugs. That will tell you what's going also.
  4. F/P is to high to me..with adding LTs I had to lean mine out bigtime....have a AFPR?? If you pulled the dist, it has changed...
  5. are you saying that with a longtube install, the fuel pressure has to be changed?? if so, what is the process for that?
  6. got this one covered.... :D
  7. You need an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. My recommendation is a Kirban. The EEC senses the O2's are colder due to the new placement on the long tubes. The EEC will dump more fuel to compensate. Turn the fuel pressure down a few psi and you will be OK.
  8. Just like VIB said, plus you will loose some low end with longtubes, prolly feels soft untill 3000rpms on a mild EFI 5 liter.

  9. well with the lt's you will loose low end torque but really make it up up top like someone allready said. the fuel pressure is something you gotta play with, check the timing and your ignition, check that you have no vacuum leaks after installing the intake and make sure you didnt damage the wires on the maf since you did mess around with that or that the maf sensor aint dirty.
  10. Did you say you put a intake manifold on? Sounds like a vaccum leak to me.
  11. sounds like a timing issue to me. My car ran like crap after the intake install until we checked my timing and set it to 12* and after that the car ran great
  12. Ive got an Accufab AFPR. I will drop the Fuel Pressure down to about 36 and check the timing. Recommendations on timing? 12 degrees?
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  14. I take it (from some of the rubs) that you ran into the same issues? How low did you go on the Fuel Pressure (For a starting point). And timing (For a starting point). Thanks for your help...
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  17. Your dizzy can't be a tooth off. If your timing is set at 12* ATDC it is at 12* ATDC weather your dizzy is in there crooked or not. Like when I did my Eddy install my dizzy was in crooked but it was still at 14* ATDC. Then I just re-stabbed it so it was in straight so that my plug wires lined up good. It didn't change the car at was and still is at 14* ATDC.

  18. The factory set it to 10 degrees, most people on the boards set it to 14 degrees so I figured I'd compromise and go in the middle :p that way I can run 89 octane if I'm short on cash... had a pinging problem with it at 14 degrees and 89 octane
  19. Mine doesn't ping on 89 with 16* so just see what your car responds to. I'd set it at 12* first and then at 14*. You prolly won't feel a difference, but most dyno's show no difference between 14* and 16* so I left mine at 14*.

  20. Ok, so I finally set my timing at 13-14. Drastic improvement I can now feel the difference on the LTs and intake. :banana: It has just as good of low end as before -- But now it really howls at 2500 up.

    Given my few performance mods, does it make sense to install the upgraded fuel pump and 24lb injectors at this time?