Mods To Reach 500hp

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Nick D, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. i'm saving up for a 99-02 cobra and i want to get at least 500hp out of it. once i have the car, ill have a budget of 10k to do whatever i want with it. All mechanical work would be done by myself. i was thinking of getting

    Kenne Bell Big Bore 2.1l kit (about 5k)
    Exhaust slp LM1's w/ catted X pipe (emissions) (about 600)
    Perhaps Camshafts
    brembo brakes
    Professional Dyno Tune

    Anything else? im asuming that that will easily make 500hp with 10psi boost
  2. If you're talking rwhp, you're going to need closer to 15 psi boost, and some fuel system modifications if the kit doesn't come with them.
  3. the supercharger kit comes intercooled, the boost-a-pump, chip, 42lb injectors, CAI, and a 90mm MAS airflow meter. it has plenty of fuel modifications so that shouldn't be a problem. i'm kind of on the line between a supercharger or a turbo. if i get a turbo, i would assume 15psi would be plenty and save me a little more gas then a supercharger
  4. Don't know that you'll see any real difference on gas. With my factory s/c, the s/c is in bypass until the engine control software kicks it in when it calls for boost. So the s/c is free wheeling 98/99 percent of the time, costing very little gas. When the boost is on, the turbo would save some gas, but that is not much of a factor overall. Turbo's do have the potential to make more power, but the extra heat tends to cause further complications.
  5. Just talking out loud but if you're gonna buy an 02 cobra and dump $10000 in it why not just take that money and buy an 03-04? Now you've got the 6spd factory sc and with good exhaust pully cold air and tune would make in the 500 realm.