Mods you wish you had not made???

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  1. I saw this posted in the '05 Forum, and thought it was a good question.


    [​IMG] Any Mods Regretted!
    Is there any mods you wish you could reverse? (ie) Get your money back because it either didn't work as advertised, or just plain sucked.

    I guess I should start things off with one.
    My Corbeau seat. The seat is very comfortable, but the fabric was cheap. I wore a hole in it in a matter of months. Definitely not work the $450 to get it.
  2. My shorty headers, waste of time, if I knew at the time I would have done LTs.

    My catted X pipe is BY FAR the worst mistake Ive made so far. I took it off and replaced it with an O/R X about 2 weeks ago. What a mistake and waste of 400$.
  3. actually I have been doing pretty good on the stang except for the motor cracking a piston (201k mile hyper-block) and blowing motors just comes with territory in the modding/racing game.

    I think the most bolt-on issues I ever had was with my 89' caprice. in the end that car was pretty fast but it took alot of frustration with tuning and bolt-ons doing nothing until I realized my motors head casting was a junk from the day it was made. once I changed the heads that car moved out.

    on that car I went through about $550 in swapping parts and tuning efforts before I realized the heads were about the worst casting GM ever made
  4. I regret my GT-40p's and my B-cam...If i had spent a little more and gone with trick flows and a matching cam i'd be much faster than i am.
  5. This is a good thread topic :nice:

    GOING CHEAP ... every time I go cheap on buying mods I pay twice over the quality part just to be satisfied :mad:

    Especially with exhaust headers and mid-pipes ... how many times does someone want to f around with exhaust :nonono:

    However, the UPR stuff I've bought (cheap prices) have all turned out great ... especially the clutch cable which requires a lot less pedal effort than the BBK pos I initially bought.

    As comparison, I bought the quality MGW T-5 shifter and knob last week and paid $240 out the door ... I LOVE THIS CNC PIECE!! This thing would make a Pinto feel like a Formula 1 :banana:
  6. Gotta have an H-pipe, but the BBK 2.5" cat pipe I bought fit like crap compared to the Steeda I took off that had blown cats. I ended up paying a muffler shop to straighten things out.
  7. I never had a problem with an h-pipe?????

    I got the cheapo summint o/r h and had no problems.

    just put it up, tighten all the bolts just enough so it holds itself there, jack it up from the center of the h until it is in position adjusting it as you go up, tigten bolts and presto

    only h issues I ever had were rusted out stockers
  8. using the stock oil pump driveshaft.
    thinking $300 ported E7's would be as good as E7's from a proven source.
  9. Dynomax 'band clamp' WLK-33278

    Search Summit with WLK-33278

    Sounded like a good idea at the time.. one fell apart so I just welded the pipes. Really pisses me off, not so much the $20 I spent but the time involved.
  10. Porting stock heads!
    I should have just bought aluminum heads instead of getting my E7s ported and machined. Car felt good with the ported heads, but I rode in my friend's mustang with AFRs :( I could have spent a little few hundred more for a lot better performance
  11. I don't regret any of the mods I've done because I research the **** out of it before I decide on doing it.
  12. here's another one, i bought a used cobra intake off someone from and come to findout it had been painted dark gray and was a mess. After the oney i spent to get it sand blasted and powdercoated, i could have had a new one :notnice:
  13. the only mod i regret is the 30# injectors.....makes trying to hot start it a pain and always runs rich as hell saving for 24's now....
  14. What is your engine/accessory combo?
  15. You mean you don't regret that Force II catback in your sig :D
  16. when i did my 5 lug conversion i bought a complete 98 gt rear end for $300. it is 3/4" wider than a reg i figured sweet...wider stance. now, with my new wheels/tires the tire hits the fender over almost every bump i go over. i should have just pieced together my own 5 lug disc rear end.
  17. electric fan.........for what??????a new headache?????????????
  18. No! lol:D.....I like the sound of the I live in a quiet neighborhood. :)
  19. ok the engine mods....10 to 1 compression 302, edelbrock performer rpm heads, lunati bumpstick, ported cobra intake, comp cams 1.6 RR, 70mm TB, 73mm mass air, cold air intake, bbk shortie headers, off road h-pipe, pro dumps, MSD coil, distributor and 6al, deleted EGR, smog pump, a/c, and power steering,electric fan and the 30# injectors.......the dyno numbers are with just the heads and cam and intake, stock everything else in case you wonder why the numbers seem low
  20. Screams*"i Regret Nothinnnnnngggggg!"