Mods you wish you had not made???

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by vristang, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. ugghhh, just bought mine today. How it hurt!

  2. Same thing here. Switrched over to copper gaskets. Even the bolts were junk that came with it.(changed those too) I realized all gaskets and bolts that come with BBK products are crap.
  3. Magnetic oil plugs. Leaked pretty badly, unlike the OEM standard plugs.
  4. I regret getting the 30# injectors over the 24lb injectors a little bit.

    The aluminum driveshaft didn't really do anything (even though I like "having it") except causing a rubbing issue (wider than stock) on my e-brake bracket.

    I regret buying the EFI Cobra Valve Cover Kit (ford part) because they don't match well with the afr heads/stock gasket and where you insert the valve cover bolts they molding of the valve covers allows very little to no room to get a socket on them :bang: Frustrating...
  5. I dont know if I regret it, but if I had to do all again, I would have built my car from scratch instead of buying the one that I did. I would have also bought my welder sooner and done my own cage and suspension.
  6. I bought mine when they were still dirt cheap from Summit only because I had an awful vibration that ended up being ****ty out of balance tires. Money well spent though as it turns out.

    The stuff I regret buying the most was stuff from Napa that I ended up buying again from Summit, like my Protorque starter that I bought after the Napa one grenaded on me, and I also bought some header bolts there cuz I lost some of the ones in my BBK header kit... but they are the lowest grade steel (probably cast iron) made in china crap and rounded off when I was tightening them... after that, ARP only! I also got some pedestal mount R/R's that I will probably never use, what a waste! I should give them away so they dont sit in my dads garage forever.
  7. i wish:
    1 i had tail pipes instead of dumps
    2 cobra bumper instead of gt
    3 i hadnt bought a cincinnati composites hood
    4 i had put a 5 speed in my car 3years ago instead of rebuilding the aod
    5 hadnt done a mac exhaust
  8. I will take them :D

    Not really a mod, but wish I knew how to weld so i wouldn't have to pay someone to weld my tq boxes, SFCs and axle tubes.
  9. A FREE PAINT JOB!!! I work for a sanitation company. I give this body shop on my route a extra FREE dump once a week knowing someday he'll have to do me a favor. After three years it was time to pay up. He was going to do the body work (it only had a few door dings) and paint it for FREE, he even had the color paint I wanted all for FREE! He was training his son and asked if he could paint it(big mistake). I thought, what the hell he couldn't screw up with his dad helping. Just as they had my car in the booth, dad had to rush to the hospital because of his brothers accident. Jr. couldn't wait and decided he'll do it to surprise his dad. Jr. painted my wheels, tires, windows, I had runs everywhere. I could have given second graders spray cans and they would have done a better job. Paint was so thick it was dripping off the car. When his dad returned , Jr. said "I" forced him to paint it. I got their after Jr. had started! I loaded my paint dripping car on a trailer and took it to another shop that owed me a few favors.
  10. Ask me again in a few weeks, as I will be ordering my heads by the end of the month; if I get TW's then I wont need the pedestal type! But I bought them right after I got the car so I didnt know what I was doing, or rather what I would be doing in the future...
  11. That freaking sucks, I would have beat the crap out of Jr.

    vikingpower, let me know when ever you want to get rid of them, my e-mail is [email protected]
  12. It's not so much the pins the themselves that I don't like. I think they're Mr. Gasket (if I remember right). I just didn't like how it spoiled the smooth lines of the inducted cowl is all.
  13. If "what goes around, comes around" is true, I'm hoping somebody will give me an S-trim or a T-56 someday...
  14. Mods I regret:

    1. FMS lowering has never sat or driving right since but am hoping coil overs waiting to go on will cure that.

    2. Summit tired of spending money on exhausts but should have spent a little more again

    3. Densecharger CAI...POS

    4. Going with shorties over LTs for ease of installation...just plain stupid

    5. 65mm TB...should have gotten a 70mm

    Think that's it

    thought of one more

    6. Going with 3.73s instead of the 3.90s I was eyeing
  15. Putting a solid roller cam and a BG 650 DP on my 88 GT as a daily driver.
    No vacuum= no brakes.
    BG 650= no gas mileage (7 MPG) and stalls when cornering or braking hard.
    Carb electric fuel pump= loud whining from the rear.
    Solid Roller= adjusting the rockers once a month.

    Only to tear it all out and put FI back in.
  16. Not going with a new shortblock right from the beginning.... I don't know what I was thinking trying to mod a stock 90k mile shortblock in the first place.
  17. My TKO 600 from MMR
  18. Everything

    I should have left the car stock. I appreciate clean stock cars a lot.

    But i'm too far modded to go back to i might as well keep modding :)
  19. tearing apart a running driving car to "make improvements"

    Trading a sub 100k mile 95GT Vert for my Notch. The notch is/was a basket case. now it has no engine, wiring, interior, fuel system. Have to put it all back together with a stock roller motor and a SN95 dash. this should prove interesting!
  20. i wish i would not have cut the hole in the front for the turbo to set there. i have to get a new front bumper cover

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