Mods you wish you had not made???

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  1. Wow, this thread is really old.

    But I'll contribute, and I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this but...

    REMOVING MY AIR CONDITIONING. :nonono: :doh: :nonono: :doh: :nonono: :doh: :nonono: :doh: :nonono: :doh: :nonono: :doh: :nonono: :doh:

    When you're 17, you just think that cool fast cars don't NEED AC. Fast forward 7 years, now you have an office job, and all you want to do is drive the **** box to work without sweating through your slacks and dress shirt. Again, :nonono: :doh: :nonono: :doh:
  2. Spending 12k on a 88GT instead of using it as a down payment for a termi or s197, but i do love my car though
  3. buying a thousand dollar project car that needed five thousand dollars in repairs. dishing out another 700. and then realising that you have no mechanichal back ground to do the work, friends stopped wanting to help and i was so far over my head after tearing the engine out and finding the rust bucket that the car was that i just junked the thing and now have a project engine sitting in my garage with a brand new 300$ oil pump.

    le sigh damn busted up 83 gt vert

    should have just saved the money and bought a newer car.
  4. Hysterical........Next time you'll remember trading work never pays off for the second guy.And if you worked for me I'd fire you,what you did was stealing and it probably never dawned on you.
  5. regrets

    c&l mass air...has to be "clocked" perfectly to make any power with the ram air

    lakewood lift bars...lowered back of the car and moved the rear back

    getting a Cincinnati composites hood instead of cervin's

    trickflow ac delete...looks bad and messed up alignment of belt

    smog pump delete pulley instead of shorter belt

    apc racing seats...bad design and barely fit

    being lazy when i painted my car and using a garbage craftsman gun

    exhaust cut outs
  6. First off, the post you quoted is 4 years old. Second, that's a little judgmental, don't you think? You don't know, his boss could have approved the extra load every week. Besides, building a nice car on a budget sometimes requires pulling favors, so I don't see where he was wrong there. I know I've pulled favors for my car. Sounds like this guy just got caught in a bad situation. :shrug:
  7. +1 wtf...
  8. buying sight unseen used cobra calipers only to find the pistons had seized and they are basically door stops now. coulda had my five lug done by now:argh:
  9. :stupid: what a mistake, those hoods are junk, thats probly my only real regret... and not having an MSD box, and having my factory rev limiter shut off
  10. My 5 inch tach that I screwed into my dash. Kinda wish I didnt have the tach or the holes there anymore.
  11. I'm fortunate enough to be in that rare situation where I don't regret any of the mods that I've done so far and I can enjoy driving the car. :D
  12. Well, I've been through a hell of alot of parts but I'd say selling my A trim and buying the T trim Vortech. No question about it. It's a stout piece but I have broke more parts since I went with it. The thing's sitting in the garage right now with a hole in #7 piston. It's trash. Mike
  13. 1. UPR A/C delete pulley instead of an FRPP A/C delete bracket. Looks dumb, made a weird whistling noise from the holes in the pulley, and the bearing in the pulley went bad after less than 9 months. The A/C was already gone from the car when I got it (idiot just tried to run a short belt with the stock A/C bracket setup, belt was rubbing itself to death on the water pump pulley), and it's just my weekend car so I don't miss having it on there, but the UPR pulley was a VERY poor choice to make the A/C delete "right";

    2. UPR cat'ed X-pipe. Should have gone with a brand of X-pipe with a transmission crossmember hanger. Stupid thing kept sagging at the flange where it connects to the flow tubes, so I was constantly jacking it up and having to re-tighten it. That, and I had to notch the tranny crossmember to even get it to bolt up because the damned cats are welded about one or two inches too far back. AND the whole thing is an inch or two too long, so it makes my tailpipes stick WAY out past the rear bumper. I just keep it in the spare room to swap on/off for smog testing purposes and run a Jeg's off-road X-pipe the rest of the year, but I would have preferred to have something on there that I don't have to constantly keep swapping out every year;

    3. Saleen airdam. Just didn't look quite right on teh Notch (better suited to a hatch), I was always paranoid about hitting parking bumpstops with it, and I hated having it attached with screws (looked Über-ghetto) but I don't think double-sided tape would have held it on worth a crap, either - didn't want that thing peeling off and shooting underneath the car while I'm on the highway or something. :eek: At least I was able to fill and touch up the paint on the the holes I drilled in the stock LX bumper.

    4. Side-exit exhaust with Dynomax #17676's, swept-back outlets, and an off-road X-pipe. I had a very similar setup on a prior '89 notch and it looked good and sounded good, but I'd made the outlets straight-exits with flattened oval tips that didn't stand out so much, and it had an off-road H-pipe ahead of it. With the X-pipe, for some reason it sounded like a dump truck, but with the H-pipe the prior setup had sounded like an old Mopar. Wound up going back to my Pypes Violators and Dynomax stainless 2.5" tails. :shrug:
  14. i wish i had done a supercharger instead of now cost about 50.00 for a 10lb bottle fill up and it doesn't go to far.with the sc the power is always on tap.i hardly use my nitrous because of the cost.i also bought my gt new in 2002, no cobras were built in 2002,i should have waited for fall of 2002 and bought a 03 cobra.i just had the urge to buy a new car and the gt was the best at the time.i should have kept my gt stock and traded up to a cobra but now i've got to much money in it and i won't get it out if i sell it.
  15. 1. Getting rid of my AC. Big mistake
    2. BBK Shorty Headers
    3. Spending $600 on tires instead of getting Drag Radials and 2 no name front tires
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  16. previous owner's mistakes: driving it for god knows how long with a MASSIVE leak from H pipe to headers (was an idiot, probably thought it sounded tough) leaving me to replace it, but got the X i wanted so maybe its not so bad. running it with no tails and stock mufflers, sounded like a dump truck, literally.

    somebody mentioned an MSD box...does anybody know if those work with stock ignition otherwise (coil, dizzy)
    ok back to regrets
  17. Ok:
    1- Buying used mystery ebay parts
    2- Cutting corners only to have it bite you in the as-s, and having to redo it all over again the right way.
    3- taking advice from people who you find out know less than you.
    4- APC Seats....don't fit right, had to make them cheap on ebay....refer to lesson # 1.
    5- Putting the top down in winter to show girls the roll bar only to have the plastic rear window shatter..:doh:
    6- Removing the A/C and smog and have to wind up paying to get it put back because of the way the supercharger belts run.
    7-Buying a "rebuilt" T5 on ebay, only to have it sent back and exchanged 5 times till the guy sent me a good one....refer back to lesson #1

    .....i could go on and on...but in the long run it was all lessons learned! :nice:
  18. 3. FMS pulleys: wound up running the crank pulley only
    2. March Ram Air: street sweeper

    And the worst of all
    1. Flex Fan (direct mount): My god that thing was terrible. Noisy as all hell, CONSTANT drag on the engine, blades sharper than a Hattori Hanzo sword.
  19. Not doing a aftermarket block to start with. My only regret.
  20. I regret rolling my 91 GT Hatch 3 and a half times, hitting a tree and ending up in a living room. I had built this car since forever and I destroyed it after two weeks on the road. It left me without a mustang, without a savings account and with A LOT of pain for a year and a half. It took me a lot to learn my lesson but I am glad to say that I finally have. Now I have a new project I don't plan on destroying, but probably will make a few mod mistakes along the way.