Mods you wish you had not made???

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by vristang, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. I regret changing my God damn mind so much...

    I guess I kinda regret doing BBK long tube headers, mac prochamber, spintech prostreets, and 3" tails since I'm now putting a turbo kit on my car and won't be using any of it. Farewell a few thousand bucks, I barely knew ye. :notnice:
  2. Things i regret:
    Southside bars, ya they worked for traction, too bad as a senseless kid i didn't realize solid bearing style bushings will destroy your car, and they did.

    Second, removing my back seat, it was just dumb, a fox will never look right with no rear seat i don't care how good you think yours looks, it don't look natural. It doesn't save barely anything for weight either.
  3. Wow. Reading this thread really makes me appreciate my pretty much bone stock 88 LX Vert...
  4. Amen, brother. If it was meant to be a 2 seater, Ford would have made it that way. There is less open space in a panel van than a Fox with no rear seat.
  5. Uh.... Ditching my old blaupunkt tape for a CD player... I miss my old audio tapes and now I have nothing to play them on...
  6. "nyr923

    c&l mass air...has to be "clocked" perfectly to make any power with the ram air

    lakewood lift bars...lowered back of the car and moved the rear back

    getting a Cincinnati composites hood instead of cervin's

    trickflow ac delete...looks bad and messed up alignment of belt

    smog pump delete pulley instead of shorter belt

    apc racing seats...bad design and barely fit

    being lazy when i painted my car and using a garbage craftsman gun

    exhaust cut outs

    I Also have a cincy composite hood and damn it's a pile of ****, I love cowl hoods on these cars but I regret ever buying the one I did. Cutting costs bites you in the ass every time