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  1. Ford just called me...My module is dead (Thy found that after changing 2 wheel sensors... :( ).Anyways what are my options now? Can I just remove the electronic part from the module without disconnecting any abs hose????? They said that a piece of the cover protecting the electronic was broken so water must have got in there when I washed my motor...... :( .... They are selling the ABS module 860 $ (Can)
  2. I work in sales for used OEM parts and these modules can be had for 100-150 in U.S. currency. Try and see what you can find in your area.
  3. I think the site is module masters, do a search but they will rebuild it for 200.
    im going through the same thing rt now. ebay has them but usually w/o traction controll
  4. you dont need it.

    i havent had ABS since i put my c clip eliminators on my axles and i havent had any problems yet. just pull the bulb for the abs light and forget about it.
  5. Same thing happened to me only they quoted me $1300 for a new module. I just kept checking on eBay and eventually I found a used one off a totalled 2001 GT. The whole unit (module and hydraulic unit) was $12 US. I just took the computer module off and put it on my existing hydraulic unit and it's worked perfectly ever since. You can put it on without disconnecting the lines (that's how I did it) it's just a little tricky.
  6. How do I know when my car was made? Because The ABS Module is one model to 05/20/2002 and another one from 05/21/2002 and guess what my car is a 2002!!

  7. not true, wth T/C there is ONLY 1 module, 2R3Z-2C219-CA.
    also your build date is on the upper left corner of the certification label in the drivers side door jamb
  8. I disagree

    Marco make sure you find the ID number on the module itself. The model number is simply what the item is. You need to match the ID number or else your ABS light will still stay on. Trust me on this. I sell ECU's and these ABS brain's for a living (used OEM part sales) and its imperative that you match the ID number with whatever you find. The production date on your car also narrows down which module you need. If you get stuck trying to find one in :canada: send me a private message and ill locate one here in the :flag:
  9. you can disagree all you want but there fact is the IS ONLY 1 module for his year car wth T/C and it fits 2001 Gt to 2004 Gt wth T/C
  10. Interchange on my screen here at work says 99 only, 00 only, 02 only and 03-04 as being the same interchange. Which is why i said make sure your ID's match. They are probably the same box, but seems like its year specific.

  11. well thats just wrong info and typical of the aftermarket/used auto parts business, been through it before bro'
  12. As soon as I can I'll try to remove it from the car (the electronic part that is) and check if I can see the number! :)
  13. Or you could go to the Ford dealer and the parts guy says "yeah this'll work, 99-04 is the same"

    Every ECU, PCM, whatever has the same model number because it says "99 GT w/ traction control". Im looking at my screen and im seeing different modules, with different ID numbers for every production year 99-04. Working at the parts counter at Ford, i would think you have seen or ordered ECU's where they come back because the last 2 digits do not match, but they are for the correct vehicle/engine. My job is based on comission, and that means i make sure the right part is handed out.

    Marco, pull your existing one out and match every letter/number with whatever one you are buying. Or you can go to Ford and have them hand you and overpriced one because 99-04 Gt's are all "the same". Get the right one, dont bring one home and hope it works

    Randy, im not doubting what you see on your end, but I see boatloads of ID numbers on every single year 99-04 GT right now. 1999 is only being shown, and 00+ isnt compatible

    ┌────────────────────────────── Interchange 1530 ──────────────────────────────┐
    │ MUSTANG 99 Assm, 8 cyl, GT, hydraulic & electronic unit, w/t│
    │ MUSTANG 00 Assm, 8 cyl (GT), hydraulic & electronic unit, w/│
    │ MUSTANG 01 Assm, 8 cyl, GT, w/o Bullitt pkg; hydraulic & ele│
    │ MUSTANG 02 Assm, 8 cyl (GT), hydraulic & electronic unit, w/│
    │ MUSTANG 03-04 Assm, 8 cyl, GT, w/traction control │
    │ MUSTANG 03-04 Assm, 8 cyl, Mach 1 │
    │ Print Interchange Applications │
    │ List Vehicles │
    │ Exit
  14. randy, i checked both on new and old EPC, Microcat and CPD lookups at my dealer and you are correct as usual.