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  1. has anyone noticed how painfully
    s l o w
    stangnet has been lately?
  2. yeah i noticed it also. It's taking me about 5-6 minutes to load one page. I'm off to VMF for the afternoon now :D
  3. lol, that's funny. may i read between the lines?
  4. Ugh. The snail in my aquarium moves faster than this.

    I hope no one has any urgent tech questions.

  5. Molasses my asses: I can go to two other web sites, come back and it's still loading. This is rediculous. Anybody going to offer up a....yeah,we're working on it?????
  6. Yep, I thought it was just my crappy dial up service at home (Where's a good phone tech when you need one? :lol: ). But, even here at work on the frac - T line, it's S........L........O....O...O...W...W....W

    Reading Chelle's new "upgraded tag lines...... "Mistress of the malignant metal" How can you say that about our closet key? Don't you love us anymore? :( Look! I shock-chlorinated the Jacuzzi, and the BBFCM even scraped all the sticky stuff off his Barcalounger! :p

    Still Dreamin'
  7. the whole site is slow, even the main site not just the boards, its server junk, not the board upgrade.
  9. Monk302 came up with that line. He was referring to Sadie and her infamous sheet metal.

    Have no fear, the closet key is still in working order. Would you like me to demonstrate by locking everyone in the closet? Hey, maybe that would help speed up the site

  10. you guys are insane, i can load like 10-20 pages while waiting.
  11. I'm on 3mb cable and it's still sucks!

    I get impatient and abort some of the threads I am intending to view...
  12. notice how fast it is now???

  13. Ohhhhhhh..... no, I won't go there!
    I was gonna make some comment about locking the Closet Keeper Chick in with me......errrrrrrr, us (sorry, Fritz) :nonono:

    Anyway, I don't think I'd call Sadie "Malignant Metal".....poor little thing, she can't help it the IPO's treated her like doo-doo. You're a sweetheart for saving her.
    And, speaking as one of your "Internet Dad's"; I've got a litttle problem with this idea of calling you ANY kind of "Mistress" :notnice: Where is this guy??? Let me hold his head underwater in the Gutter for, ohhhh, 1/2 hour or so. :mad:

    Still Dreamin'

    EDIT: Huh? Wha?.....Oops, I think I fell asleep waiting for this post to upload!
  14. yea, now it does seem faster than before it was slow.
  15. Yes, it is slow and I am off to bed.

    "Good night Chet, Good night David".


  16. Here'ssssssssssss Johnny !

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Yea it's slow and with 36k connect it's Dead. :bs: